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My Stocking Secrets

Reviewed on 09/20/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 6
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 6.8

Main: Hosiery

3 Day Trial: $1.00 (recurs at $39.95)
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
This review is of My Stocking Secrets. What we've got here is a lingerie site focusing on women posing and playing with themselves while wearing stockings, which also makes this a leg fetish site, I reckon. The site promises daily updates, 1900 downloadable DVDs, 100 bonus sites, and nearly two million photos - bold claims, so let's see how they stack up.

The members area is not like the tour - it's colder, more businesslike, and lots of info and links. There are navigation bars at the top, left side, and bottom of the pages. Tons of content here but most isn't the niche you joined for. This turns out to be their network's generic members area; they just filter your results based on niche. The filter is pretty broad for the "videos" page as it's just generic "fetish", and nearly useless on "pictures" page - not that there aren't picture sets in this niche, but you have to hunt them down. Your best bet finding the stockings content is the "featured series" page. It's also flash-driven, and the system works pretty well but it means every page takes an extra beat to load, and your "back" button doesn't always go where you expect. The only ads are in the left and bottom navbars, called "sex finder" and "toy shop".

The models are very attractive, mostly centerfold types and porn actresses. While the site has a stockings theme, a notable portion are actually wearing pantyhose which is technically a different niche - still, there are plenty of episodes of women in stockings, some with garter belts. The girls pose, slowly strip, and play with themselves. The main content actually comes from a series of stockings DVDs. The videos run about 12 to 20 minutes per scene.

There are 62 videos specifically assigned for this niche, although some other content here also fits into the niche too. There were regular updates for this niche, but they ended 7 months ago - though again, some recently-added and upcoming content listed actually does fit our niche, just not expressed as such so it's a bit of a crapshoot when more is added.

Videos for our niche come in Flash video on the page, and downloadable WMV, iPod MP4, and a version of AVI that requires a codec. The Flash vids are about 400x280. The WMVs are 480x360 with a 1064kbps bitrate. Playback is smooth, though if you try to stream the WMVs in Media Player rather than download them, you may run into some stop-start - their server's not the fastest, your player's buffering doesn't always hold up, and they didn't claim you could stream these files anyway.

Flash video is not what I'd call a premiere format, so you get image issues, but the overall quality is alright. The Flash vid has a couple positives: it plays up pretty quick, and you can fast forward so it'll quickly load up that part. The WMVs look fairly good, but are a little pixelized too; they can go double size and still look ok. Some vids are shot in dark settings for mood, but generally the lighting is acceptable. Sound is a little quiet but not too bad.

Each episode has a gallery of video captures, so there are 62 of those. The site has around 14,000 separately-shot photo sets as well, a handful of them sorta fit the stockings niche too but it's difficult to say how many. The vidcap galleries have about 100 photos in each. The images are about 700x467 and around 30 to 70kb. The image quality is not that great, standard vidcap fare. Note that every photo comes up in a flash pop-over, but they are savable from there.

Bonuses start with access to the rest of the network's content across all sorts of porn categories: 10,420 scenes making up over 3,300 video hours, and over 2 million photos. There's also access to live cams, I don't normally consider these bonuses but you can see 'em without having to sign up on the cam site. There's supposed to be 98 other bonus sites as well, but the bonus sites page here has nothing on it - this could be a temporary glitch as last time I reviewed a site in this network it did have sites on it.

Negatives starts with a slow server, which also makes navigating the flash-based pages very irritating at times. The whole site being a filter for a larger network is frustrating as well, and makes finding your content a little challenging. The videos for this section being flash means they're not they're not as good as they could be. The WMV format being intended for download only is lame and makes for a hefty file. The network no longer updating specifically for this site sucks. And the missing bonus sites page is weird.

My Stocking Secrets is a little weird to use, no longer updates this specific content, there's a lot of other content strewn about. The main videos are taken from DVDs and presented in underwhelming ways, and it's tough to figure out what pic sets actually go here. But there is tons more porn content on this site. If you are looking for a site dedicated to stockings content, this isn't your best bet; but if you can put up with the navigation, want to see 60 scenes from 12 stocking DVDs, are willing to watch smaller flash videos or download big files to play medium-sized WMVs, and want access to a lot of other categories' content, you may want to check out My Stocking Secrets.

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