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My Sex Tour

Reviewed on 04/14/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 3
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 6.3

Main: Reality
Additional: Group sex

3 Day Trial: $4.95
7 Day Trial: $9.95
1 Month: $39.95

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First Impression:
I love to travel. I have seen much of the world, Europe, India, Africa, Australia, etc. Thus the idea of a sex tour is appealing cause I certainly didn't have much sex on my tours. Now this sex tour is limited to Europe and I am guessing mainly Eastern Europe, which is known for its beautiful woman and emerging economy. The idea is two guys travel across Europe hooking up with different woman they meet and have sex with them. Some of the women on the tour are really beautiful. I particularly like the look of Vanessa who happens to be from Vienna. I click on her video trailer. I am taken immediately to the sign-page. I backtrack and try another trailer. The same thing happens. There are three pages of trailers in the tour and none of them work. Having been fucked over by so many pay sites I am of course immediately suspicious. What don't they want me to see, I am thinking, or are things tough for the company and they can't afford the bandwidth and that means they won't up date? These are the questions running through my mind, as I get set to go in and find out what this is all about. I must say though, that the lack of video trailers on essentially a video site does not give me a very good first impression of the site.

The home page for My Sex Tour is set up in exactly the same manner as She Got Pimped another site I just reviewed from this company and one of the 20 bonus sites available to members of My Sex Tour. The most recent update is Lora. A narrative accompanies the image of Lora who is seated between two guys who are completely different than the guys on the tour. I read, "Our team of seasoned experts worked their magic on stunning young Lora. She'd approached us with tales of malcontent and vaginal longing. We canned the psychobabble and got down to business-- the erotic type! Within minutes, her prognosis had improved tenfold, and she'd had a mind-blowing orgasm that would keep her pussy satisfied for weeks. Who said laughter is the best medicine? A couple hard dicks are enough to solve just about any female crisis. Paging Doctor Hard-On!" What the fuck is going on here. This video has nothing to do with this site. I look around to make sure I am not in the wrong place. I have seen a video like this on another site that had these French doctors examining big-breasted women and then fucking them.

Sure enough the site I am thinking of is one of the bonus sites here, Boob Exam Scam. In fact it is a site I have reviewed. It makes me laugh. Okay I grant that these women are European but what are the owners of this site thinking. Can they be this stupid or do they think we are this stupid? I click on the movie link. A page of 12 thumbnails opens up. All the videos on this page involve the two fake doctors examining big breasts and fucking their owners. I click the next page. It looks like the vids here actually belong to My Sex Tour. The first vid is dated 12/10/04 and the next after that is 06/20/03. It seems that my suspicions are confirmed. They have no material to update the site so they just fill it with the closest thing in their inventory, big-breasted European women. I can't be bothered to see if they are just repeats of the same videos you will see on Boob Exam Scam.

I click on Nicole the first of the real my sex tour girls. There are 10 5-minute clips in the broadband media player option I choose. The video starts with a girl giving a blowjob. In the second clip a guy is introduced. Now I have to admit that the sex is hot but in the end I don't think even this is a "my sex tour" vid. There was no city background set-up like in all the images on the tour. Just for a lark I click on girl I recognize from tour. Finally something that matches a tour, but as good as the video is, it will not change my feeling of being treated like a fool by the site operators.

My Sex Tour promised a tour through Europe fucking beautiful women. It has not been updated in three years and only contains 18 videos. Yes there are bonus sites. One doesn't normally join a site to see the bonuses. They are additions to what you want to see. This happens to be one of the bonuses as well if you join through one of their other sites. It undermines my confidence in the other bonus sites. I recommend you avoid this site.

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