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My Milf Boss

Reviewed on 07/17/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 4
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 4
Overall: 6.0

Main: Milf

3 Day Trial: $1.00 (recurs at $39.95)
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
My Milf Boss is the next site up for review. This is a MILF site - I know, big shocker with a title like that, right? Haven't you ever had a job where your boss was a hot older broad you wanted to fuck? Ok, I haven't either, but that's the concept behind this site - no sexual harassment lawsuits are gonna stop the hardcore action here, nosiree! The tour promises weekly updates, exclusive content, access to 120 bonus sites, and over 2,000 DVDs, so let's see how it stacks up.

The members area is a lot of navigation links (top, left, and bottom), the main area dedicated to text explaining the links, and the sides are thumbs to certain episodes. It's busy and generic, and the whole thing runs on flash which makes pages take an extra moment to load - not to mention leaving your browser 'back' button confused - but it does give some sections display variety. The main content is a little tough to find - it turns out it's under "featured series". The videos and pictures sections are other content. The only ads are the left and bottom navbars each with a link to dating and to sex toys.

The models here are the right age, most range in the average to mildly attractive area. Your mileage may vary, but the models are on the tour so you can judge for yourself. I think these ladies are too low-rent-porn to be actual MILFs or bosses, and many have cheap boob jobs which only worsens it. The action all takes place in apartments, not offices. A delivery guy comes by or an employee is up for evaluation, and next thing you know, the milfs and the delivery guy or employee are going at it. Videos each run about 32 minutes.

The site's main content is 10 videos, though there are other videos which I'll mention later. Updates haven't been seen in a month.

Videos are offered in a streaming Flash format, and the downloadable versions are WMV, iPod MP4, and an AVI which requires the XviD codec (there's a link to it on the page). The Flash video is 400x280, it plays on the page immediately and has the nifty feature where you can move the slider to any point in the movie and it'll cue right to that point instead of downloading the whole thing. The WMV is 480x360 and 1064kbps bitrate, which is good enough quality to go double-sized or even fullscreen without looking too much worse for it. The largest video is the AVI at 576x432. Video playback is smooth for the most part, but the Flash vids will stutter a little when the modem, browser, or harddrive are doing something else.

Video quality is alright, it's shot with a camcorder so it moves amateurishly and the color is somewhat muted, but it does ok with detail and action. Even the Flash versions look acceptable, "fairly clear" is not something I get to say about the format often. Audio is set way low but if you crank up your PC volume, it's fairly clear.

Each episode of the main content also has a photo gallery, so there's 10 of those; there's other galleries as well, and I'll get to that in a moment. The episode's galleries have around 150 to 350 photos a piece. Photos are about 533x800 and 100k a piece. The pics have good detail and clarity, lighting's usually a little too high or low but still acceptable. They're shot a little amateurish but they do adequately. Pics come up in a flash pop-over, but are savable.

Bonus content starts with another 55 MILF videos taken from 11 porn DVDs on the "videos" page, and there's also another 1,400 MILF photo sets and 3,600 vidcap galleries on the "pictures" page. From those respective pages there's also access to 5,000 photo sets and 10,000 video scenes across assorted porn categories - and all this content updates daily. Then there's access to 102 bonus sites of various niches, including 8 MILF sites.

The first negative is that My Milf Boss has had no updates in a month - is the site abandoned? Who knows? And there's just not enough main content with only 10 episodes. Another frustration is the server is sluggish at times which can get especially irritating with these already-annoying flash-based pages.

I hate to say it this way, but the models and setups on My Milf Boss are somewhat low-rent. The women don't seem like bosses - they seem like mature porn actresses. The videos look ok, as do the photo galleries, and there's a lot of bonus content here. But there's just not enough videos in the main content, the server is pokey, and there's no updates. Ultimately, I can't recommend My Milf Boss much as the site just doesn't have enough to offer.

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