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My Friend's Hot Mom

Reviewed on 03/10/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.8

Main: Milf

3 Day Trial: $1.95
7 Day Trial: $4.95
1 Month: $24.95

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First Impression:
Here's a site for guys who love watching older and experienced MILFS fuck younger guys. My Friend's Hot Mom features some very horny mature women looking for some cock. Since they aren't getting it anywhere else, why not check out their son's 19 and 20 year old friends? This fantasy is a popular one, and I can't wait to take a closer look at My Friend's Hot Mom.

When you log into My Friend's Hot Mom, the first thing you'll see is a link to Porn Country Club. This is the forum for the members of My Friend's Hot Mom and the other sites in the Naughty America Network. Next are links to 2 live chats followed by a banner ad for some sites, a smaller link to buy DVDs and then a small banner link to iPod content for My Friend's Hot Mom members. There are currently 7 episodes ready to be loaded into members' iPods.

When you scroll down the page a little more, you will find row after row of thumbs, each one leading to another hot mom's video and pics. There are 92 episodes of My Friend's Hot Mom at this time, and you may notice some moms are listed more than once. That's because some of the moms are in more than one video as they fuck their way through their son's buddies.

The movies on My Friend's Hot Mom are available in 2 formats - MPG or WMV. The MPGs are shown at 320x240 and the WVMs are shown at the bigger size of 480x360. Because they are shown at the smaller sized window, the MPGs appear to be better quality, with a sharp and clear picture. If you enlarge the MPGs to 200%, they still look good with only a little loss of sharpness. When the MPGs are viewed at full screen, there is a definite quality loss but they are still watchable.

The older WMVs are amateur quality but the new WMVs are good stuff. If you watch one of the older WMVs you will notice that it is visibly not as high-quality as the recent WMV clips. Both are quite watchable - you can easily make out all the action and there is no blurring or other distraction. The movies at My Friend's Hot Mom load quickly and have very good sound. I didn't have to turn my sound up or down to watch the videos.

If you love MILF videos, these are pretty well-acted with fun plots. In one video a woman has her son's friend from college over to thank him for helping her son out at school. After asking if he gets enough sex in his life, she finds a proper way to thank him. She turns out to be a very talented cock-sucker, and has no qualms sucking and sucking a much younger man.

For those who love pics, the recent episodes of My Friend's Hot Moms come with both high and low quality pics. The high quality pics are high-rez stills and are shown at around 391x600. These pics aren't as big as high-rez pics in a lot of other sites, but it's still big enough to see all the action in detail.

The low quality pics are vidcaps, which are pics taken directly from the video. The older episodes of My Friend's Hot Mom only offer vidcaps, which you can see by clicking "View Pics". Because vidcaps are taken directly from the movie, they are often lower quality and have more blurring then regular pics but these aren't bad quality for vidcaps.

At the bottom of the main member page you will see linked thumbs leading to 9 sites. These are other sites in the same network, and full members of My Friend's Hot Moms get access to all of them. These are all reality sites with exclusive content and there is even another mature woman fantasy site - My First Sex Teacher.

I found the moms at My Friend's Hot Mom to mostly be very sexy - verging on slutty - older women. A few of these MILFS are a little on the young side but for the most part, they're in their mid thirties to early forties. It's easy to see why these neglected housewives and moms are more than ready for younger guys with hard dicks and plenty of stamina.

Also worth mentioning is the forum. If you want to know what members think of the Naughty America sites - and My Friend's Hot Mom in particular - the forum.

With 92 movies currently listed, My Friend's Hot Mom certainly has plenty of MILF sex. The movies and clips are very fast to load and both pics and videos are amateur to good amateur quality. If you love watching hot MILFs with younger men, I recommend you check out My Friend's Hot Mom.

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