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My First Porn Scene

Reviewed on 09/30/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 6.1

Main: Amateur

3 Day Trial: $4.97 (recurs at $34.97)
1 Month: $29.97
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
There's something hot about watching a girl do her first porn movie. She's made the decision to get fucked on camera, but really doing it - that's a big step. My First Porn Scene is the brainchild of sexy blond pornstar Brittaney Starr. She personally finds the amateurs and shoots the videos. If you love watching real first timers in action, join me as we take a closer look at My First Porn Scene.

When you enter My First Porn Scene, there are navigation links across the top of the page. Underneath on the left is the latest update and on the right is a dropdown of all the bonus sites followed by site news. Keep scrolling down the page and you'll find all the site updates followed by a collection of bonus sites and finally some advertising. Everything seems easy to find and easy to use - always a good start.

My First Porn Scene currently offers 15 videos. Each is shown with a preview thumb and episode number but doesn't include the model's name, date the episode was added or a description. I checked the site news on the right side of the latest update to see if each date was listed, but the site news only announces new bonus sites. Unfortunately this means there's no way to know how often the site updates, so let's take a look at what's already in the member area.

First thing I must say is that Brittaney Starr is a hot honey with a great voice and you really can hear her behind the camera - it's not just bs. The first video I watched had her interviewing the girl and getting her to strip, and she also makes her appearance in a lesbian foursome movie. You can hear Brittaney talking to the girls and getting them turned on and ready for action in episodes 13, 8, 5 and 6 - and some others, as well.

The girls are the type of amateurs you might find at a nightclub or possibly stripping. Most are cute and definitely the kind of girls you might wanna try and fuck. Some of the videos have intros or mini interviews, where others jump right into the action. Are these girls all first timers? It's hard to say. Some look genuinely nervous while others seem to be very at home with a cock in their mouths in front of the camera.

The movies come in both WMV and MPG formats. The MPGs is available in hi speed where the WMVs are available in hi, med and low speeds. The movies are all shown in clips that stream on a new page in a player. The hi speed vids stream at 962kbps and are shown at around 320x215, which is odd because the movies are actually 400x300 pixels. The movies look pretty good for amateur videos. If you right click on the videos while they are playing and select zoom, you can go full screen, but if you do, expect to see a very noticeable loss of quality. Too bad we can't watch the movies at their actual size or enlarged to around 640x480 as I think they'd look pretty good at those sizes.

Each video comes with pics which you can find by clicking VIEW THIS PICTURE SET at the right side of each movie page. The photos are vidcaps, which means that they are taken from the movie rather than shot with a digital camera. The pics are shown at 750x500 and you can browse them in thumbnail galleries or watch each set in a slideshow. As is common with vidcaps these are not the best quality pics around. While there is no pixelization or extreme blurring, there is a lack of sharpness in all the pics and in pics where there is fast motion (such as a hand moving up and down a cock), there is some blurring.

Beside the 15 My First Porn Scene video and pic sets, members get access to 23 bonus sites. Most of these sites are original sites offering exclusive content. These are amateur sites in a wide variety of categories from teen to big tit to Brazilian girls. If you like all kinds of amateur content, this is actually pretty good stuff, and though each site isn't huge - most having between 15 and 45 episodes in their member areas - that still adds up to a good collection of porn movies.

It's hot to watch the girls of My First Porn Scene get fucked on video for their first time, and Brittaney Starr is a very sexy interviewer. The videos are not as large as I would like to see but they are amateur to good amateur quality and fast to load. I wish there were more videos - and if the site updates regularly, soon there will be. While the site is pricy for what you get, there's plenty of amateur content inside the bonus sites, so I think it's worth visiting My First Porn Scene to see what they have to offer.

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