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My Asian Massage

Reviewed on 09/30/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 6
Navigation: 6
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 5.9

Main: Asian

2 Day Trial: $2.95
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
I love Asian women. Well one in particular, Sunny Lee. I don’t imagine I will see her here but you never know. I also love massages. I think the idea of being massaged by pretty Asian women is a great idea of a site. I suppose the addition of the word "slut" has its utility as a way of generating some traffic. The tour page is done in the standard boring reality format. Scroll down the page and you will see each episode laid out with pictures of the girls massaging the guys and what is apparently the five step sequence of each scenario; "the massage, the convincing, the blowjob, the dick down, the humiliating facial". Sigh, another sites that humiliates sluts with facials. And I suppose they think it is cute that every time the word Asian is used, it is yellow. By the way don’t click on any of those images. You will be taken to the join page. There are no trailers in the tour. When you try to go back to page you were looking at you will be hit with a pop-up. Only one but it is still damn annoying and would ordinarily be my cue to move on. But I am doing a review of this site so I stay. "Join and you will receive a whole network of content, more than you can ever use", the site proclaims.

I click on the Members link and I am taken to a site called Suck My Dick Now I am, at first, bewildered. I look at my browser window to see if this is My Asian Massage. The URL in the browser is Not being a newbie to the adult web site scene I know My Asian Massage is a portal into a network. Most portals open up to their own sites with links to the other sites in the network, not so with Suck My Dick Now. It is not immediately apparent where the hell My Asian Massage is. I have to hunt around to find it. Most portal sites do it better than this. This just seems like sloppy website design. Get the customers money and dump them into a bunch of porn. That will keep ‘em happy. I click on today’s Asian. A page opens up featuring Kaehla. The scene has an Asian woman but it has nothing to do with massage. I click the "back to main page" link that takes me to 12 pages of My Asian Massage. I click through them, twelve Asian women to a page for 10 pages and not one scene that depicts massage. On the final page there are three videos that are from the tour. Only three Asian massage videos on the whole site. What is the name of this site again?

The first video I click on is Tina. I only wait a few seconds for it to stream on the media player that opens. I close it and right click on Tina’s picture. It is a nearly 200 MB mpeg file. It takes some time to download at 200 kB/s so one would be waiting a mighty long time before the player started streaming. Ha! And they provide no advice on how to see it. You must right click and save to your computer. The Tina video is when it arrives plays on a 320x240 screen. The video is a little dark and the chinzy porno music is a turn off.

The videos vary in size. This one, Sunny, I just opened is only 180x120 pixels. You can play it at 360x240 pixels and the quality is only adequate. The small size is a surprise. It is also a surprise to be watching a movie of a girl named Sunny who actually turns out to be Nika. She is the same girl in the picture but with a different name. This is just more sloppiness on the part of the Webmaster. Nika is a cute 18-year-old half Thai, half Chinese girl. She has sunny disposition and playful attitude and a pretty nearly hairless pussy that she does not shave. The next couple of videos I download are 400x300 pixels. This really is a hodgepodge. One girl, Selena is not even an Asian. The content has nothing to do with the content promoted on the tour. This is a collection of bought content some of which you will likely have seen before if you are an Asian fan. And they didn’t even buy any Sunny Lee content.

My Asian Massage is to be avoided. The tour has nothing to do with the content you will find in the site. This is an Asian girl site with content bought from a variety of sources, which explains the hodgepodge of sizes and quality. All the video files are quite large mpegs and must be downloaded intact. There are no smaller segments for non-broadband users. It is also likely, as a fan of Asian women, you have seen the content before on other sites. I just do not understand the thinking that goes into creating a site that is obviously a lie.

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