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Mr Skin

Reviewed on 08/28/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 9
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 8.2

Main: Celebrity

3 Day Trial: $4.95
1 Month: $29.95

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First Impression:
There's nothing like naked celebs. We've all fantasized about a favorite actress or singer nude - well, Mr. Skin gives us the chance to see them all in the flesh! And such flesh! A tour of Mr. Skin shows us such actresses as Natalie Portman of Star Wars fame, Halle Berry, Charlize Theron. These are the celebs who have featured in a thousand wet dreams and I can't wait to get inside and take a closer look at what Mr. Skin has to offer.

On logging into Mr. Skin, the page has SO many things to see it takes a minute to sort everything out. The navigation links run across the top of the page and below you will find a massive collection of things to see and do. The first thing I noticed was the Actress of the Day, Movie of the Day and TV Show of the Day. There are new pics and videos added to the site every day, and they are listed on the front page along with actress birthdays, a search box, celeb interviews and lots more.

In case you've never seen a nude celebrity site before, you'll find Mr. Skin very different than the usual porn or babe site. Celebs aren't generally seen naked or messing around for that long at a time so rather than the long porn videos you see on most sites, the clips on celeb sites last only for as long as the skin is seen - usually under a minute. The same applies to the pics, which might be paparazzi pics, taken from movies or from other sources. But the truth is it's fun and sexy to look at pics of your favorite actresses and singers and other celebs naked. It definitely adds to the fantasy.

If you're not sure what to click on first, I suggest you take a look at the lower right corner where it says Spin the Wheel of Skin. When you click the Wheel of Skin, you are taken to a random celeb. You can also search not only actresses but TV Shows or Movies. And there is plenty of skin here!

Today's Actress of the day is Beverly D'Angelo. She's the woman who plays Chevy Chase's wife in the Vacation movies. I clicked her name and was taken to a page with her bio and links to her nude pics and clips from 9 movies. There are also sexy but not nude pics and clips of her in some more movies. You may have never noticed how perky her boobs are - well, I never did till now. Ms. D'Angelo defies gravity and it's obvious she has no problem taking her clothes off on film!

The videos inside Mr. Skin are listed with what the time code is to find the scene in the movie, a description of the scene and the duration. They also have a code to let you know if we get a brief look at the celeb's charms in that clip or whether we get a nice long look.

The videos are shown at 400x300 and at pretty good quality. The sound is good and the movies are quick to load and do, indeed, show all the famous tits and ass you could want to see. The pics are all

Here's a few celebs I got to see inside Mr. Skin. Pamela Anderson has plenty of pics and videos of those famous boobs. Melanie Griffith has done a lot of scanty lingerie acting and you can find video clips of Melanie's nipple slips, topless dancing and wearing chaps that show that shapely ass. Jennifer Tilly, Kate Winslet and Pam Grier all show T&A and if you always wanted to see Kim Basinger's tits, this is your chance. There are also plenty of euro actresses as well as skin you might not have expected to see like Julie Andrews and skin you've fantasized about for years like Morgan Fairchild.

The advanced search lets you choose celebs by hair color, body type, nationality and amount of nudity. You can also choose bush or no bush, whether the actress has won an academy award and what type of star. The type of star is interesting as it includes such options as Pro Athlete, Childhood Star, Singer/Musician and Porn Star.

Here's a tip - if you want to see the most skin on a famous actress, go to her older listings first. Before they're famous, a lot of celebs will do anything to get famous or get a part - and that's good for us ;) That's how I got to see Angelina Jolie soaping up her boobs, and you wouldn't want to miss that!

Beside all those actresses, Mr. Skin also offers interviews with world-famous directors, shows the top 100 scenes. There's also a forum where you can request pics of celebs and make comments - and Mr. Skin does post there. You'll also find a section called Ask Mr. Skin where members can get questions answered about which actresses get naked in which movies.

Mr. Skin delivers hundreds and hundreds of female celebs bare or in scanty lingerie or bikinis. There are plenty of world-famous tits and ass in movies and pics and the search ability is incredible. The movies are pretty good quality, although short, and there are plenty of pics of nipple slips, steamy movie scenes and even celebrity bush. And new pics and videos are added every single day. If you want to see your favorite actresses nude or very sexy, be sure and visit Mr. Skin because he's probably got them!

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