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Mother Daughter Fuck

Reviewed on 11/20/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.4

Main: Milf
Additional: Group sex, Threesome

3 Day Trial: $4.95
1 Month: $29.86
3 Months: $64.85

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First Impression:
The site operators must be fearful of what we might surmise from its name, Mother Daughter Fuck. On the front page of the tour they announce. "Mother and Daughter DO NOT participate in Incest!" Well that would have been something really different. As it is the thought of mother daughter incest never entered my head. No, really! But I was thinking a site that had moms and daughters fucking the same dudes now that would be different. And that is in fact what this site is about. Although it seems it is not mothers and daughters but one mom and her daughter. "Every week this insane mother and daughter who is just trying to make some money hit the streets looking for new beef suppliers to feature on their personal Website". This is the first site of its kind that I have seen. We have recently had a round of twins’ sites with twin sisters fucking and sucking the same guy. I have even seen an Eastern European or Russian site that had a father son team (supposedly) fucking hotel maids who apparently liked anal sex. So congratulations are in order to this site for launching something new. I wonder how long it will be before we see the first copycat site. And what about incest sites, can they be far behind? Well I am anxious to get in and see what they have to offer besides hyperbolic text, "The only site where a real mother and daughter try to fuck the entire town". How big is that town, I am wondering?

Clicking on the Member’s button I arrive at the home page of All Inclusive Pass. Mother Daughter Fuck is listed under My Exclusive Sites along with nine others including Fucked Tits and Take my Daughter. I got the impression from the tour that Mother Daughter Fuck was about one mom and her daughter or daughters. Inside the members page it says, "Presenting the lucky bastards who got to fuck the hottest moms and their sexy and horny daughters." That is great, more variety. I click a video on the first page labeled Dallas. This is the mother, daughter team featured on the tour. They are paid by the Dallas’s girlfriend to fuck him for his birthday. There are 225 pictures that accompany the video. They are 768x1024 pixels. The movie can be viewed in 4 clips or in full length either as high quality mpg or high quality wmv or medium quality wmv. Left click and the movies stream including the mpg version. Right click and you can save them to your hard drive. I right click and download the high quality wmv version. It downloads rapidly at 525 kbps. My buddy Basschick who is another reviewer here expressed surprise at such high download speeds when I mentioned a similarly fast download in another review. I must say I am impressed myself. Usually download speeds are around 250 kps with some miserable sites having download speeds of less then 100 kps. I have encountered 400 kps before but never 500 kps until a couple of weeks ago. With two download going at the same time both move towards 250 kps.

As it turns out there is only one mom. Her name is Stacy. Most of the videos are Stacy and her supposed daughter Nina. She could be her real daughter but why does she have to be? Evidently Nina has run off with her boyfriend so mom now works with another "daughter" Megan. We are also told that Stacy has 3 daughters so don’t be surprised if Megan gets replaced. And while Nina is gone apparently Mom gets to console herself by having sex with another woman. Mom and daughter also fuck girls. All this is good. It gives the site some variety. The wmv hi quality video plays on a 320x240 pixel screen. The video quality is good. The concept is interesting. They take two women, one older one younger and call them mother and daughter so that it changes everything. When the older woman is commenting on how good that big cock looks in the younger woman’s mouth it is not just woman to woman. It is mom saying you look hot fucking that guy and then daughter says the same thing when it is mom’s turn to play with the cock. It is freaky.

Mother Daughter Fuck is the first site of its kind that I have run across. I don’t know whether they are really mother and daughters but that is the claim and it is certainly different than any other site with girl/girl/guy threesomes. Here it is mom telling daughter how good that cock looks in her mouth or mom sliding her pussy on a cock that has just been in daughter’s mouth. There is a prominent disclaimer on the site saying no incestual acts take place between mother and daughter. Other bonus sites are included with membership.

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