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Reviewed on 2006-02-15 by Basschick




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First Impression:
Monsters of Cock has a theme familiar to many porn surfers - big cock sex. The site is funny, interesting and the girls are hot. While the tour shows page after page of the girls who appear on the site, there is no actual penetration in the sample pics and movies. Still, there is more than enough to get my interest, so today we're going inside the member area to check out Monsters of Cock.

When I logged into Monsters of Cock, the member area opened in a new browser. The member page was a no-nonsense page that got right to the content. The newest episode was on the left, bonus sites on the right and the rest of the episodes listed lower on the page. Each one shows the date it was added so it's easy to see that Monsters of Cock updates once a week very regularly.

There are currently 119 Monsters of Cock episodes. Each episode is listed on the main page with a preview thumb, text telling about the episode, the girl's name and the date the episode was added. When you click on a girl, you are taken to a page that has some thumbs, the story of the shoot plus links to high quality pics, screencaps, download movie and watch movie.

If you prefer to browse all the episodes more quickly, click GIRLS in the menu at the top of any page. You'll be taken to a page where each girl is shown by a small thumb of her face along with the episode name and the date added. There are 5 thumbs to a row as so this is a much faster and easier way of seeing all the girls.

The girls on this site mostly look like pretty sexy looking amateurs and the dicks they take on are definitely bigger than the average guy's cock. Some of the cocks are big but not amazing - especially in a few of the older videos. Some of the cocks made me say "Damn! How does she fit all that in her pussy?!"

The recent videos are shown at a satisfyingly large 640x480 and they stream at just over 1000k. If they're not glamour-quality shoots, they are still good quality amateur porn shoots. The clips are also available as MPGs which have a screen size of 456x336 and look pretty good if you enlarge them to 200%.

The older WMVs have a screen size of 320x240 and the older MPGs are a little bigger at 352x263. If you like fast downloads, you might want to know that the MPGs are over 3 times the size of the WMVs. But the MPGs are a little better quality than the WMVs so it all depends on you. There are also some videos that fall between the new and older videos. These are shown at 448x360 and are actually just a little higher quality than the new videos.

If you decide you'd rather simply watch the movies rather than download them, select watch movie. You'll be taken to a page with a player on it which loads the WMV version of the full movie. The movie began playing almost immediately for me and played pretty smoothly, too. If you decide you like one of the movies, you will find a link to download the video right below the player.

If you like pics, Monsters of Cock has you covered. They offer both high quality pics and screencaps for all but the oldest sets. The older sets only offer screencaps, and the quality is about what you'd expect of pics taken from a movie - they're not great. The newer screencaps are actually very good for screencaps, more like amateur pics. The high quality pics are amateur to good amateur in quality. They are pretty good sized and if you like amateur pics, they're better than a lot I've seen. Both types of pics can be easily saved to your harddrive.

The 13 bonus sites cover all sorts of categories of porn. The categories include big butts, MILFS, handjobs, reality porn and oral cumshots and the sites are pretty good. Among them is Bang Bus, the site that pretty much started reality porn. I think that these bonus sites add a lot of value for members of Monsters of Cock.

If you're looking for big cock sex, I think you'll like Monsters of Cock. A lot of the guys in the vids really do have dicks that completely fill and stretch the girls' mouths and pussies. The videos are shot in a casual style that I think are fun to watch and a lot of the chicks look like they really are hungry for a big cock. The quality of the pics and videos is good amateur, which works for the site. And besides regular updates, members get access to the bonus sites. So if you want to see some girls get stuffed with huge dicks, why not check out Monsters of Cock.

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