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Money Talks

Reviewed on 02/01/2007 by Basschick

Amount of content: 4
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 7.0

Main: Reality

3 Day Trial: $4.95 (recurs at $39.95)
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Money Talks is the latest reality site from the folks who brought us Milf Hunter and We Live Together. This new site is a combination of Jackass and a porn site as the guys or girls from the site offer money to 2 guys to put Icy Hot on their balls ($40 each), $20 to a girl to show us her underwear and $250 to a drunken frat boy type to shave his hair and eyebrows. They also pay a guy to let them taser him. And since this is also a porn site, you probably won't be surprised to hear that at some point each episode they pay a chick to have some kind of sex. If you like TV shows that dare people to do stuff and you also like pussy, join me as I check out the member area of Money Talks!

When you log into the member area of Money Talks, you will find a navigation bar across the top of the page followed by something I thought was pretty neat - a list of updates of all the exclusive reality sites members get access to, each linked on the day they update. There are 2 sites updated each week, which makes it pretty clear members get access to 14 bonus sites. Directly underneath you will find the latest update, displayed with a big thumb, description, date the update was added and links to the pics and movies. Next comes the rest of the updates, and since this is a new site, there are only 7 more for a total of 8 episodes. The lower part of the page shows the bonus sites laid out in a different way and finishes up with plenty of ads.

Before I go further, I'd like to point out that at this point members don't need to use the links in the navbar unless they want access to the live cams, which are exclusive to this network. Other than that, unless you start saving things to favorites, everything you need is right there on the main member page.

Before going into the technical specs about the pics and videos, I'd like to let you know that for the most part these movies are both long and entertaining. If fact, even my friends who don't really like porn that much liked watching some of these while I was working on this review. It's like watching an escapist reality TV show - and there's sex, too. In fact, I look forward to seeing what other pranks the hosts of Money Talks come up with in the months to come!

The Money Talks movie options are pretty good. You can stream or download each movie in quarters (they call them big clips) or as the full version of each movie or stream them as 1-minute WMV clips. Most of the options are in WMV format but you can download the 1-minute clips in MPG format. Oh, and these short clips also come in a dialup speed WMV for those on slow connections. I did find 1 movie that didn't offer the video in quarters but the rest of the movies had all three options.

If you're looking for the biggest screen size, make sure to check out the full videos which are shown at a nice and satisfying screen size of 720x480. The big movie clips, MPG clips and broadband 1-minute clips are shown at 480x360. The video quality here isn't bad, but it's not stunningly high quality, either. These vids are amateur quality, which works fine with the reality format of the site. The sound is very good, download speed is good and if you're not really picky and you go full screen with the full videos, you'll probably be pretty happy even though there is some loss of quality.

The Money Talks pics are vidcaps but good quality vidcaps and there's lots of them for each episode. You can also download each set as a zip file.

The bonus sites are exclusive to this network - they are not leased third-party sites but are good reality sites with lots of action and lots of videos, too. Some, like Milf Hunter, are even famous. You'll find big natural tits, Latinas, anal sex, Brazilian babes, Euro sex and more here - and remember, one of these sites updates every day, so if you love variety and plenty of porn, these bonus sites add a lot of value for members.

The Money Talks videos are fun, sexy and more entertainment than I'm used to seeing inside a porn site. On top of that, the videos come in short clips, long clips and a full movie version as well as a set of pics. I predict this site will soon have imitators. The downsides are that currently there are only 8 vids, the site updates only twice a month and there are plenty of ads on the bottom of the pages. Considering the length of each video and the extra set up time it must take to make each one, I can understand why the site updates around every 2 weeks but it's a good thing there are so many bonus site updates per week to keep members busy. If you want to see all sorts of pranks done for the money, as well as girls masturbating, having lesbian sex on camera and giving blowjobs, be sure and check out Money Talks!

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