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Moms Need Cash

Reviewed on 09/30/2006 by Eddie

Amount of content: 4
Quality of content: 6
Navigation: 6
Price vs content: 4
Overall: 5.0

Main: Milf
Additional: Reality

3 Day Trial: $4.87
1 Month: $39.73

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Mature mothers in need of money - oh, no! Nobody likes to see a hot milf starving so luckily a group of guys have banded together to help out with a little money in exchange for the hot sex mature women in need can provide. This is a site called Moms Need Cash which presents the idea of broke milfs making money in exchange for fucking and sucking the talent scouts who are on the lookout for these needy matures. Let's take a look inside this site.

Ok, now that we're inside let's have a look at the main members page. First off at the top center of the page we have the latest episode featuring Mandy and just below her are preview areas for two more cock-hungry moms. Following these are thumbs to seven more moms and right below that is the banner farm called "membership extras" at the bottom of the page. On the right side of the page we have links to ten more bonus sites with a mature flavor, a link for chat, and at the bottom right of the page, the adult toy store. Off to page left we'll find links to more bonus stuff and we're done.

Built upon the premise of a helpful organization called Mature Opportunities Model Scouts, Moms Need Cash features genuine looking milfs and mothers getting down in hardcore action. Unlike most mature site these women really are mature and know with expert skill just how to service a hard cock. The settings for the action are a couple of bedrooms, a few living rooms, and a nice outdoor lawn chair for a change of pace.

Counting the number of exclusive videos reveals ten non-dated videos broken up into clips numbering between 17 to 20. The video format is WMV with no other choice and the screen size is 320x240 with a 520kbps streaming speed. There aren't any bigger sizes available here at Moms Need Cash but the clips can be downloaded and also can be navigated through with the handy "previous" and "next" links in the video player.

Moms Need Cash features videos firmly rooted in the amateur quality class with minimal production values and studio technique. All natural lighting is used here including sunlight, shadows and whatever else is handy on the day of the shoot. The sound is on par with the probability of the recording source being the built-in mic that comes with the video camera. Composition-wise we have angles and set-ups being done by people who have done this kind of thing before and they pursue the requirements consistent with amateur hardcore porn. Enlarging these movies to 200% will get you some grainy images but at 100%, the movies look fine.

Included in the Moms Need Cash membership package we get digital stills that number between 140 to 180 pictures per model and are sized at 1014x676 pixels, which is pretty good. The pics have an average file size of about 62kB to 97kB or so and vary in quality from real blurry to decent amateur pictures. For the most part the sets start out with the model posing for the camera and then the shoot proceeds to the action of the video straight through to the finish. There are no choice of pic sizes and no slide show or zip file download either.

Moms Need Cash gives you access to a fair amount of bonus content but some of this stuff will try to upsell you and get you to spend more money while some of the other content does not. While sometimes irritating to wade through, there is a lot of stuff to look at here and could be worth the trouble of the difficult navigation. The bonus porn off to the far right of the members page includes mostly mature content and one could have a good time stroking to these sites.

Moms Need Cash has its share of problems and so let me explain. First off, ten videos with no dates isn't enough to populate a site with. C'mon! More effort here please! No dates on the videos make me wonder just how old these movies really are and I would liked to have seen more movies, period. Also 40 bucks per month is a lot for the small amount of exclusive content. The bonus content tries to make up the difference but is a little confusing to move through with many choices and avenues to explore that unfortunately have some upsells in them.

And so, Moms Need Cash has an interesting idea to start with - an agency dedicated to finding broke moms, but offering only ten videos at a $40 price tag kinda kills it. There are a decent amount of pics included here which is a plus, and there's a large selection of extra content to round out the package. The moms are for the most part really mature, and fit the niche well - too bad the membership price is high. Moms Need Cash could find a home on the computer of a porn surfer whose standards aren't too demanding.

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