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Moms HD Films

Reviewed on 08/22/2008 by Basschick

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 9
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.8

Main: Mature

3 Day Trial: $9.95 (recurs at $34.95)
10 Day Trial: $19.95 (recurs at $34.95)
1 Month: $34.95

First Impression:
Today we're taking a look at Moms HD Films, a milf site featuring HD (high definition) videos. Now, I'm a sucker for HD videos. The bottom line is they're bigger and the quality is better, too. The women on this site look to be mostly from their-mid thirties to mid-forties, and the guys they're fucking seem to be between 19 and maybe 25. These are milfs who are horny for younger cock, and it looks like they get plenty of it. The join page makes some big promises - hundreds of hours of HD videos, exclusive content and 5-7 updates per week, but since I've already had a peek at the member area, I can tell you that the updates and number of videos refers to the entire network, not this site.

The member area of Moms HD Films when I logged in, I found myself in the pictures section of the site, where there are 16 photos sets listed and there's also a large list of links to the bonus sites near the top of the page. Running across the top are the navigation links, so I clicked to the videos section to see what I could find. What I found was that same list of bonus sites and links to 16 videos, each with a large, clear thumb. Below each episode's thumb are links to the movie in 4 parts or as a full scene, plus a dropdown to rate each video. The links below the thumbs lead directly to the videos, so you can download or click to play directly from that page.

The videos here are good stuff. They're WMVs shown at 854x480 with a bitrate of about 3 Mbps, and these movies look great. In fact, although 854x480 is the smaller side of HD, when I enlarged the videos to full screen, there was no loss of quality at all. The videos play smoothly, have very good sound and overall they're a good experience. More good news is that this site doesn't use DRM, so whatever videos you save will play after your membership has expired.

At the bottom of the video pages, you will notice 173 pages of video listings, which adds up to a total of 692 videos. Most of these videos are from the other mature sites in the network, and are not HD, but this is a pretty good way to watch all the movies without having to go from site to site. There are videos from bonus sites like Moms Eat Cream, Anal Mature Orgies, Hardcore Housewives and Teens And Olders. The performers and camera styles are all pretty similar.

The performers in the Moms HD Films and the other sites in the network seem to be from middle or Eastern Europe. The videos may have a setup - a milf is working out with a personal trainer, for example - or may just put a mature woman in a place where a guy 19 or 20 sees her and things start to happen. There's plenty of cock sucking, lots of fucking and plenty of closeups, which is a big plus. Also the vids have no soundtracks, so you can hear the natural sounds of sex in the room, which I think is much hotter than music.

For those into pics, the photo sets here are big, shown at 1200x800, and are good quality photos with good amateur quality lighting. Actually I really liked the pics, as they really focus in on the action and show it very well. There's enough closeups, medium shots and wide shots to really make the sex come alive, and I only wish the photo sets came with downloadable zip files, because the pics are worth saving for later.

I did have a couple issues with Moms HD Films, and one of them is navigation. If you click the links to Home, Top Sets or Updates, you are taken to pages that list not just the Moms HD Films content but all the content in the entire network. Also as I look at the updates page, it appears that each site is updated for a while, then the updates stop when a new site is started. For example, Moms HD Films is the only site in the network that has updated in almost 4 months. Their sister site, Oldiez Hardcore, last updated over 3 years ago, but the site does have 179 episodes, and another site, Deep Moms Holes, last updated in 2006. The bottom line is that the mature sites in this network update with a new video once a week, and also a pic set.

In addition to the mature sites, full members get access to sites in several other niches including lesbian sex, nylons, big tits, pissing, bondage and strap-on sex. There are a total of over 50 bonus sites, and the content to all of them is exclusive. Please note that trial members do not get access to all the bonus sites until they convert to monthly members.

While Moms HD Films is on the small side with 16 videos and pic sets, the videos are high definition, excellent quality and downloadable, and the pics are also large. While the site is updating frequently, if it follows the pattern of this network, it will update for a while and then stop, but that's not necessarily an issue since the site offers over 600 videos and at least one mature site in the network has been updating at least weekly for years. Add in the other network sites and this is a pretty good deal. The catch is that although the more recent videos in the network are both good quality and large, they are not HD. The bottom line - Moms HD Films offers 16 HD videos, weekly update and tons of bonus milf and mature videos. If that sounds good, why not check this site out!

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