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Milf Thong Hunters

Reviewed on 10/29/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.2

Main: Milf
Additional: Panties

3 Day Trial: $1.00 (recurs at $39.97)
1 Month: $29.97
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Is there anyone who doesn’t know that MILF means Mothers I’d Like to Fuck? Well now you know. MILF sites are a big niche on the net so it is always interesting to see how a site in such a saturated niche tries to differentiate itself. This one sure got my attention. I love panties and thongs are amongst my favorites. The premise for this site is college guys interviewing women for their preference in panties. Of course because this can only be occurring in Pornville where the mothers interviewed become so aroused by these panty discussions with young virile collegians that they soon are not only showing their panties, but they are sucking and fucking these boys and taking a load of cum in their mouths. Wow, how college has changed since I was there.

The content of MILF Thong Hunters is exclusive to the site. The promotional tour says that the site’s videos are HD quality, yet the preview videos they provide are amongst the lowest quality of video I have ever seen in a preview. As an enticement to join this site we are offered access to two other milf sites, Phat Ass Housewives and Milf Boobies. The women look great and I am particularly interested in seeing more of Mikala and Crissy. I am hoping that the movies are going to better quality than those of the tour.

I click on the member’s link and land on a home page that seems to feature all three sites, Phat Ass Housewives, Milf Boobies and MILF Thong Hunters. Each site displays the top 5 models of the week. Mikala is one of the top picks in MILF Thong Hunters so I click on her. The movie is divided into 33 one minute clips or it can be downloaded whole. The full movie file is large but the download is rapid, 700+ kb/s. Quality of the WMV file is excellent playing on a 420x480 screen.

Mikala is a fine looking woman. In spite of that I am disappointed by the video. I am a panty guy. This is a site that emphasizes the search for thongs, yet when the thong is discovered, it is quickly pulled aside and an examination of the interior of her vagina is conducted. I am as happy as the next guy to see her pussy but I would like to more of her thong before we get to the sucking and fucking we can see on any porn site any time. The scene finishes with a very nice lingering facial.

I open Chrissy the next video I downloaded. The video starts out well with lots of upskirt looks at her lush bottom which must have a thong hidden in there somewhere although it is not visible between her swaying cheeks as she climbs the stairs to the apartment where the sexual interaction will occur. Once Crissy is in the room our thong hunter has her bend over, lifts her skirt and immediately grasps her thong which was indeed hidden in the crack of her butt and pulls it aside to reveal pussy and to conduct his gynecological examination. I have now no idea why they would call this the MILF Thong Hunters site. It is a pussy hunter site. There was the kernel of a good concept here, the melding of the MILF and Panty niches. Crissy is certainly a mother I would like to fuck and the final cum shot is over her panties that are pulled to one side, but as a past producer of panty porn ( and fan of the niche/fetish I remain disappointed.

Reilly’s video is the same, another attractive woman in her mid thirties whose pink thong rides above her waistband. When her short skirt is pulled above her ass we have a lovely look at her perfect butt framing the shiny pink thong covering her oyster shaped pussy. This lasts about 10 seconds before our pussy hunter has the thong pulled aside and his tongue deep inside that oyster shaped pussy. The scene finishes with huge ejaculation in her mouth.

The scene with Tamara does end with the guy ejaculating on the back of her thong but it really seems to be more about her massive tits than it does about her panties. There are twenty milfs in thongs. I watch 6 of them. The MILF part is great; the panty part sucks.

Every one of the MILFs here that I viewed, I would indeed be happy to fuck. They are all very attractive and the video quality is excellent. There is nothing wrong with MILF Thong Hunters as a milf site. Even the minimal content is augmented with two other milf sites of seemingly similar quality. My only real complaint is that the site’s name and the promotional emphasis in the tour on the thongs are not realized in the content and this is a disappointment to a panty person.

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