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Milfs in Heat

Reviewed on 07/14/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 6.9

Main: Milf
Additional: Reality

3 Day Trial: $4.95 (recurs at $29.98)
1 Month: $29.98

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Our next review is of Milfs in Heat. This is, not surprisingly, a milf hardcore site. The term "milf" isn't strictly defined in porn so it gets misused a lot, on this site they mention "age 30" and "middle aged" early on, both of which are fairly reasonable guidelines. Most of the models on this tour look over 30, and the first tour page episodes have trailer vids. The site promises exclusive DVD-quality videos, regular updates, hi-res photos, and 20 bonus sites.

The members area is organized, the site's content is up near the top and not hard to find, but a lot of the sections are for other network content and other stuff. There are navigation links at the top and bottom of the pages, but only the "home" and "reality archives" links actually are for this site. There are a number of ads here, in the navbar you'll find a dating and a pay-per-view video site, on the main page there's some ads near the bottom for other cams and PPV video, and on the live cams page there's 4 banner ads under the cam links.

The models here are porn starlets and they look like it, a lot have big breast implants and plenty of makeup. The ladies here are in their 30s and 40s, so most do look the right age for milf anyway. Despite them being porn regulars (they post their screen names), the episodes are done reality-style - our guys are out hunting for "unsuspecting" milfs in the San Fernando Valley, pick one up, take her back to a porn set and have sex. The still photo part of the episodes also have a professional-style photo shoot. Videos run about 30 to 40 minutes a piece.

There are currently 31 videos on this site. Updates come between once every five to eight days.

Videos come in Bill Gates' country recipe WMV format, and about half the videos are also offered in Flash. The largest Flash vids are 640x480. The largest WMVs are 480x360 and about 500kbps bitrate, and there are smaller WMVs available too as well as offered in clips. Playback is smooth on the WMVs, the Flash vids are a little less smooth but still reasonable, buffering can be a little slow on both. On the full movie versions, if you have a decent internet connection you can move the slider to any spot in the vid and it'll immediately cue up and buffer instead of making you wait, this is way better than dealing with clips.

Video quality looks decent, I'd call it "camcorder-good" - a little soft and digitized at times, but adequate detail, color, and motion. Lighting is generally fine during the action, the setup scenes not so much but that's not really the important part anyway, I say. The large WMVs can pull fullscreen duty, they get somewhat digitized but still acceptable. Sound is very good, set to a good level and picks up well.

Each of the 31 episodes has a set of still photos and a set of video captures, though strangely the pages are titled oddly so the separately-shot stills are "digital stills" while the vidcaps are "photo gallery". The stills are 400x600 and about 150kb a piece; each still gallery has around 175 to 250 pics. The stills look decent; clarity and color are good to the point of crossing into pro territory, though some are composed a little too high. Vidcaps are 640x480 and anywhere from around 70 to 170kb; each vidcap gallery has about 130 pics. The vidcaps look alright, some though are a little interlaced.

Bonus content starts with access to the 24 other sites in their network of various niches, all of similar quality, altogether there's a total of 1,406 exclusive videos between them. Then there's the two bonus videos on this site, TWO! Yeah, I dunno what these are doing on the video page, especially since neither seem to be milf vids, and actually the network has over 1,400 more bonus videos easily accessed from a link near the top of the pages. There's also a bunch of links to live cam sites, though I consider these halfway between bonus and ad.

I must confess that porn actresses like the ones here don't say "milf" to me at all, they just don't have that look and it makes a difference for me, but your mileage may vary. A solid negative is that there are no prices on the join page. Also, on the video clips pages, the largest clips are constrained to a smaller size for no reason (the full movie page for that size displays normally). A few of the video links didn't start up correctly or were even missing. And the members area is on the envelope of being too many ads for my tastes.

Milfs in Heat's models are in the right age bracket but not everybody will buy them as milfy since a lot are porn actresses. The members area is uncomplicated but has a few too many ads. The site has a fair number of videos and regular updates. Videos are a decent size and quality, and the photos look good if a tad small. There's also a good network of bonus sites included, but the site doesn't have prices on the join page. Ultimately, Milfs in Heat gets a modest recommendation due to a decent amount of content; it's probably worth checking out, especially if you like the models on the tour.

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