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Milfs Exposed

Reviewed on 12/30/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 5
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.3

Main: Milf

3 Day Trial: $1.00 (recurs at $39.95)
1 Month: $24.95

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First Impression:
Milfs Exposed claims it is "The web’s best hot milf porn site!" I wonder what it would take to actually be the web’s best hot milf porn site? I suspect it takes nothing more than writing the words. The concept of "truth in advertising" does not apply to the porn world. If it did, it would mean that when, for example, a site says "Updated weekly with a brand new milf" as this one does, it would actually mean something, particularly since it is so easy to check. I have quite a few sites that come from this particularly porn supplier I am highly doubtful of the weekly update claim. Would the web’s best hot milf porn site need to offer you 112 exclusive reality sites as this one does? Would we really expect to find the web’s best amongst those 112 reality sites. I wouldn’t, not when I have already viewed some of the web’s worst sites in their collection. And wouldn’t the web’s best hot milf porn site have "oversexed milfs"? Not this one apparently. "These... undersexed Milf’s (sic) desperately need a good fucking!" There are some very beautiful women in the tour for Milfs Exposed, so how bad can it be?

Finally one of the site’s in this network with a significant amount of content. There are 63 scenes with videos and pictures. And Milfs Exposed does appear to have been updated every week, at least until March 19, 2007. If I had been doing this review that week, I would have had to apologize for having doubted their word. But today is December 30, 2007. Surely the web’s best hot milf porn site would do better. With no updates in the last ten months this looks like another one of their sites that has died and is just there to bring you into the common core of video scenes in 40 or so categories, one of them milf.

The first video I watch is Heather Pink, an attractive reddish blonde woman. She is wearing sheer black panties which, given my panty fetish, is what drew me to her. Apparently the heating system in her house is not working so she approaches a heating technician outside his truck. It’s funny that the truck belongs to a refrigeration company offering only industrial refrigeration and air conditioning services; close enough for porn work. He is busy, so she tells him she will make it worth his while if he comes to her place. Next thing we know he is installing his cock in her mouth and the place is heating up. The pictures that accompany the shoot are real photos and not video captures. They are smallish, 533x800 pixels. The video can be streamed or downloaded. The streaming version is flash and loads very quickly. It is only viewable on the small 320x240 pixel screen, but the quality is good. There are also downloadable iPod and WMV and AVI versions of the video. The AVI version at 2048 kbps is very good quality even when played on full screen. Download speed is an adequate 400 kb/s but the 500 MB file does take a while to arrive. The WMV (1024 kbps) file is also good quality and at half the size arrives in half the time.

One thing I do like about MILF sites is that it permits a broader age range of women. Happily it extends the porn career of those who want to stay in the business. I am always amazed at how many of them have had their breasts enhanced. Heather is no exception but her breast job is appropriate for her size, not excessive. She looks to be in her early 30s and does a credible job sucking, fucking and taking the mandatory load of cum in her mouth.

I click on episode 58 curious to see whether the Asian milf depicted has real breasts. But when the video opens it is not the Asian lady but a tattooed woman and I do mean tattooed. Half her body is covered. It is just not my cup of tea, particularly when I am expecting the Asian woman pictured in the thumbnails. I keep running across these examples of webmaster sloppiness. If you care so little about your site why should we? I click the next page and there she is in episode 57 referred to as the tattooed freak. I click the video thinking I will probably find the Asian woman, but no; it is a slim brunette with a nice natural body and perky small tits. The scene unfolds in a manner identical to Heather’s video, sucking fucking and an even bigger load of cum into her mouth. I did like this anonymous woman’s performance better. But wait there she is in the thumbnails for episode 56. Her name is Lena Ramon. I click on her video but of course it is not her but an even more attractive slim natural breasted cutie fucking a black guy. I look to see if she is in episode 55 so I can tell you her name but the thumbnails are of another white couple. The navigation is so fucked up I can’t be bothered looking any further.

Milfs Exposed is definitely not the web’s best hot milf site. It could have been an adequate milf site with an adequate amount of content if greater care had been taken in ensuring that the content described in text and thumbnails matched the actual content. In my limited viewing of the site I found two cases of mismatch which was enough to discourage me from viewing any further. This kind of carelessness shows disrespect for the site’s members.

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