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Milf Riders

Reviewed on 08/30/2006 by Eddie

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 6
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 6.7

Main: Milf
Additional: Reality

3 Day Trial: $4.87
1 Month: $39.73

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Here's a site that features red hot amateur milfs being fucked by horny younger guys who love to bone older women every chance they get. These horny guys pick milfs up on the street, in the park and just about everywhere else they can find a good looking mature woman. Milf Riders is the name of the site and if you like mature pussy as much as I do, join me as I take a look at the site.

The members’ page of Milf Riders looks a little messy but not too hard to work with. The exclusive content is found down the middle of the page starting with three milf episodes and followed by nine more thumbs. These all link to more episodes within the site. Below these we have lots of ads that flash and move around, almost trying to jump off the page. Off to the left of the page there are some navigation links that mostly go to non-exclusive content, some with upsells and some without. Now on the right side of the page we find out that there are links to ten more bonus sites that are more mature specific than those offered on the left. The catch is that in order to get to the bonus sites on the right, you have to click through a pass-through page that attempts to try to sell you something before moving on. There a lot of ads sprinkled throughout the site and the site owners seem to be trying real hard to maximize your exposure to their advertising.

Unlike some milf sites, Milf Riders really does feature some older women. These are the kind of everyday women that one might meet outside of the internet and range from average to quite hot and attractive in a slutty, mature way. The guys in the videos use various means and ways to secure entrance into these milfs' hot pussies and mouths. That means that the guys have an endless array of pick-up lines to work with. Once it is clear that sex is going to happen we find the settings to be all the usual places one would film amateur videos at. Bedrooms are usually on the top of the list, and I saw an office and a living room in the line-up, as well. The action shown in Milf Riders is the usual hardcore porn recipe: small talk, cocksucking, stripping, pussy eating, then doggystyle, woman on top, and missionary (not always in this order and in varying amounts) and lastly the glorious facial.

Milf Riders features a collection of videos totaling 45 exclusive movies. These are brought to you in only WMV format and are broken up in to clips of various numbers that generally last for about two minutes or so. Downloading the entire movie is not an option here but the video clips do have a previous clip, next clip, and download clip navigational feature that speed things along.

Here is the technical data for Milf Riders collection of exclusive video content: screen size is 320x240 and streaming speed is about 520kbps to 587kbps. These clips have no DRM and no choice of speeds or sizes either. I wouldn't recommend this site for dial-up users unless you have time to go and fix a tasty sandwich or something while you wait. Once they start playing, these movies move through your computer pretty well with no lock-ups or glitches to spoil the fun.

The quality of Milf Riders video clips is about average, but enlarging these videos to 200% shows disintegration of the image and we can actually see occasional specks of dirt on the camera lens. Lighting is room lighting and composition is adequate enough to show all the angles and closeups required for this class of work. The sound is okay but I should warn you about something: these women yell real loud during the action and I don't really think that these women are receiving the fucking of their lives, either. I just think that they were told to be extra vocal and enthusiastic and accomplish this by yelling like they were giving birth to a steer or something. Be sure to turn down your speakers if you are somewhere your wife, your boss or your neighbors can hear.

Pictures are offered at Milf Riders as well and usually number from 130 to 170 per model spread through a series of pages. These are digital stills and for the most part aren't bad. The sizes offered follow no definite pattern and range from 2544x1696 @ 772kB to 900x600 @ 330kB and the photographer generally follows the shoot without getting in the cameraman's way. No zip files or slideshows are offered at this site.

Milf Riders is teeming with bonus content which for the most part is garden variety feed stuff from various sources and sometimes confusing to hack through but as I mentioned earlier in this review go to the right side of the page to find more mature and milf specific porn to browse.

Milf Riders has some problems: I felt there were too many ads in the site, for one. It's difficult and often confusing to navigate through the bonus content which includes more often then not a pass through page to temp you away from what you clicked the link for in the first place. There are no dates on the episodes which makes one wonder if the webmasters have lost interest and given up on you. Also, once the women get going they scream really loudly and this might be a turn-on for you, but keep an eye on your sound levels or your neighbors might call the cops.

Milf Riders is a decent milf site with some nice-looking horny older women who love younger cock. The video quality is average, and the pictures are average. Navigation is ok except when you look through the non-exclusive stuff it can be a challenging task to figure out which way to go. While 45 videos is a little bit better than some of the sites I've seen lately, there are no dates on the episodes so it's hard to say if the site updates. If you want to know more about Milf Riders, why not head over to the site and take a look at what they have to offer?

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