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Milf Cruiser

Reviewed on 11/30/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.6

Main: Milf
Additional: Reality

3 Day Trial: $2.95
1 Month: $38.80
3 Months: $58.80

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First Impression:
Is there anyone in the English adult surfing world who does not know the meaning of MILF. MILF seems now to have become a synonym for mature, although many of the women here look quite young. I guess anyone over 30 is mature now. There are over 50 milfs represented in the tour and many of them do look very well preserved. But since anyone that is a mother supposedly qualifies, I guess technically all they have to be is over 18. Unfortunately way too many of the women in the tour have augmented breasts. Maybe that is indicative of the time period these women entered the sex industry either as adult performers or strippers. Most guys don't seem to care whether breasts are real or not as long as they are big and the majority of milfs in the tour fall into the big breast category. They got there by cheating though. There are a dozen trailers in the tour. I am attracted to Serena on the front page. It is the natural breasts I think. Her trailer is offered in 56k, DSL or Cable. The video quality is average. I hope it is better inside. This is a reality-type site with a couple of guys cruising around looking for women in a van. Hmmmm, where have we heard of that before? At least they take the women home to fuck them and after the cum shot it looks as though the scenes fade to black. Good it wouldn't be very nice if like all the other van fucking sites they then tossed the poor mothers out and drove off, stranding them. You simply do not do that to mothers.

There is lots of content on Milf Cruiser. There are 90 videos at present. I click on Ana the very first video in the series. As it turns out the van is actually a limo but the idea is the same. Ana doesn’t look 30. No mention is made in the text or the video of her being a milf. She is just a young porn babe with nicely shaped phoney breasts and a lovely plump pussy. A nine-page photo set accompanies the video. The photos are video capture size. The video is available in one-minute segments that stream quickly for me or in longer wmv segments that I cannot make work and that repeatedly crash my windows media player. No full version of the movie is available. I click on the second video in the series. It is Faith. To the question, "Are those titties real?" she responds, "Yeah real expensive." Faith is another young babe porn model that like Ana is double fucked. The movies are 320x240 pixels and of average quality. Norli, a European blond, is the first women I run across with natural breasts. She also is young, under 30. Her scene finishes with a great cum shot that she swallows with relish.

I keep clicking on video after video looking for women with natural breasts. I have never seen so many women with surgically enhanced breasts. This could be a big phoney breast site if such a thing would sell. I find it very distracting and it makes the milf theme harder to buy. The site is full, not of milfs, but porn models and strippers. Some may be mothers but that seems beside the point. And most are too young to be considered mature models. I search and search; it is just one big set of augmented boobs after another. Suddenly I remember Serena from the tour. Like all the other women here she has big breasts, but unlike most of the women here, they are real. Surprisingly with all the supposed milfs on this site I have not seen one woman who is lactating. Serena looks to be in her early thirties and she has a spectacular body.

I am personally not fond of this site because of all the artificial breasts. I just hate the way they look when the material inside shifts to make a very un-natural look as they bounce around during a vigorous fuck. For those that like big artificial breasts, like my friend Richard, this site will be rewarding.

Milf Cruiser is more about porn models with big breasts than it is about mothers. There may be some connection but it seems peripheral. Many of the women are better described as young babes rather than milfs. There is a lot of content and the sexual action is satisfactory with lots of facial finales. The movies are good quality on small screens, 320x240 pixels. Members have access to a bunch of bonus sites. One of them called Limo Patrol seems potentially redundant. They are already fucking girls in limos on this site.

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