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Michelle Aston

Reviewed on 07/14/2007 by Basschick

Amount of content: 3
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 6
Price vs content: 4
Overall: 5.3

Main: Goth/punk
Additional: Single model

1 Month: $19.98
3 Months: $56.85
1 Year: $99.00

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First Impression:
This one is for the goth lovers out there. Today we're taking a look at Michelle Aston. She's pretty unique out there as she is a pierced and beautifully tattooed mature woman who often sports a mohawk and has done a number of milf porn movies. To judge by the tour of her site, Michelle is very intelligent with a background in science who tried to work her way through college as a stripper. She has been a performer in porn movies and has worked as a model.

I was surprised and disappointed after I had had time to look around. Michelle Aston has no videos - not one - and only 25 pic sets. When you log in, you are taken to the pic page with 25 thumbs on the page with no titles or information about them. All that's on her video page are links to buy some of the adult videos she's been in, and since the link that sends you to that page says VIDEO CLIPS, I think this is pretty misleading. There are also no dates anywhere on the main page or the galleries to let us know how often or if this site updates. On the plus side, Michelle's journal is updated pretty frequently, so let's start there.

The journal page has the entries filling most of the page on the left side with links to previous months on the right - a total of 5 months at this time. In the last month and a half, Michelle Aston has been pretty busy and we can read all about what she's been up to because she posts new entries frequently. Michelle has all sorts of stuff going on - she's in the second round of a show dedicated to finding "The Next Elvira", she went to the Erotica L.A. show and posted some pics of herself at the show and a new mature women porn video was just released that she appears in. Unlike a lot of blogs, Michelle's has no comments although it appears that members can leave comments if they choose.

Pic size varies from gallery to gallery but there are no small pics, sizes ranging from 600x900 to 800x1200. Each set gives the photographer credit, and it soon becomes obvious why the pic sets have a variety of looks. There are multiple photographers, each going for a different look. Some put her hair down, which doesn't show her shaved sides, and go for a sort of dark glamour look where others play up her goth look. This is particularly true in a couple shoots by goth superstar photographers Forrest Black & Amelia G showing Michelle totally naked and featured on dark backgrounds playing with a variety of kinky sex toys.

While some of the pic sets are well lit, a number of them show signs of the amateur photographer - pics with poor lighting or a yellowish tint (poor guy must have been working on his white balance). One set showed almost no motion on each page where others show plenty of variety and action. These are all or mostly studio shoots showing Michelle against a backdrop or other posed situation but I did find one pic set of her outside in Las Vegas, as well. Michelle is really hot, and her tattoos are beautiful, but in some cases - not all - I'd say her modeling and sex appeal far outshine her photographers.

In a site with so little content, I'd have expected the photo sets to have all the bells and whistles, but that is not the case. The Michelle Aston photo sets are shown in thumbed galleries that open each pic in a new window. There are no slideshows and no downloadable zip files, nor are we offered either alternate pic sizes or viewing options. We are also not offered Michelle's descriptions of each shoot, which would have added a personal feel to each set.

In addition to the journal and 25 photo sets, Michelle Aston offers members a chat room that doesn't seem to have scheduled chats, a link to send Michelle email and a link for those who might want to book her as a model. On the right side of some of the pages are links to posts on the Blue Blood forum where members - goth and non goth - can post and read posts.

Is Michelle Aston worth joining? Well, if you're a hardcore goth or milf fan and love sexy solo photo sets, this small site could work for you. And those who really like Michelle Aston will probably want to join this site for the journal alone as it is lively, frequently updated and full of info about what's going on in her life. Anyone into chicks with huge and beautiful tats might want to check out the photo sets, although those who aren't into women with mohawks are advised to pass on this site. But with no videos at all and no idea when or if this site adds new photo sets, this site just doesn't have enough content to appeal to the average porn surfer.

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