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Mexxxicunts is a Latina site that - as you've probably guessed - seems to specialize in chicks from Mexico. And I must say that the girls on the tour are some of the hottest babes I've seen on Latin porn sites so far. These are no scanks or amateurs; these are sexy good-looking Latina honeys who obviously know their way around a cock. Ready for more? Join me as a take a look at the member area of Mexxxicunts!

The member area of Mexxxicunts has a menu on the left side of the page and a list of the same items down the right side of the page. I checked out the Latest Updates section first, and there were tons of updates but only 1 Latina video - Gringo Dicks in Latin Chicks 2 scene 4 is to be added in a couple days. Yes, it's true - on the tour, they told us all this stuff about the girls by name but now we're inside the member area, there's no more personal stuff and no listings by model name. The listings are all by DVD title and scene number - a very different vibe than the tour gives us.

There are just over 200 Latina videos inside Mexxxicunts - just click the Videos link at the left side of the page to see the listings. But if you're expecting all Mexican girls, you're destined for disappointment. The video section here is random Latina DVD content - and plenty of the videos and the girls are not from Mexico. Even the titles of the videos make that pretty clear - titles like "The Girls of Brazil 2" and "Brazilian Island" are obviously not featuring Mexican honeys.

The videos can be streamed into an embedded player or you can save each movie. The best quality option here is the high quality downloadable video. These are full videos shown at 480x360 with a streaming speed of around 1000k. These vids look good at their original size, although expect a loss of quality if you go full screen. If you're looking for something a little quicker, you can watch the streaming videos in 3 sizes, the high version shown at around 320x240 with a bitrate of around 512k. While that's not an amazing size or speed, as long as you don't try to go full screen, the quality of the high speed streaming vids is fairly good.

The Picture Galleries section is a collection of vidcap sets taken from each movie. You can't tell which vid each pic set is from till you click it as no video title is shown on the listings - just a thumb and the number of pictures. Some of these pics are pretty blurry, but others are better quality. Still, keep in mind that these are vidcaps and not digital stills. If you're interested in pics from other niches of porn, just look at the menu on the left - while you're in the Picture Galleries section, you'll find the categories there.

Members get access to a large collection of DVD content right there in the Videos section. Beside this, there's a bonus sites section featuring porn sites from all sorts of categories. It's quite a collection that includes wife sex, ebony babes, anal sex, milfs, handjobs, creampies and more.

I have mixed feelings about Mexxxicunts. On the one hand, they aren't really a site - just the Latin section of a DVD archive. And a fair part of their videos don't show chicks from Mexico as the tour promises. On the other hand, 200 scenes from 38 DVDs is a fair amount of porn, and along with the DVD scenes from all the other categories, this site offers over 8000 scenes total.

The bottom line for me is Mexxxicunts is not a Latina site, although it has a Latina tour, and it is certainly not the site for guys who are truly looking for actual Mexican girls fucking and sucking. There are 200 Latina videos inside the site that can be streamed or downloaded, but some of these videos show other types of Latina girls - not just Mexican honeys. You can find other niches of porn on the left side of the page. If you're looking for a large selection of porn scenes from DVDs, Mexxxicunts is probably worth checking out.

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