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If you are a fan of erotic photography featuring beautiful girls of between 18 and 22, Met Art should be one of the first sites in your personal top ten. The "Met" in Met Art stands for Most Erotic Teens, and after even a quick look at the girls on their tour, it's hard to argue with. The variety of stunning nude models, from waiflike to curvy, is sure to whet your appetite, and the quality of the photography is almost unrivalled so what are we waiting for? Let's take an up-close and personal look at Met Art!

When you log in, you are taken to a page with some helpful hints about saving pics and then to the main member page. Take a look at the top of the main member page - it's got a lot there but it's all pretty intuitive. The first link at the upper left is MOVIES followed by links to their live cams, some best of links. You can search the pics by year and by month. Scroll down just a little and you will see links to the last few models added to the site and a rather subtle link to the Met Art DVDs. Below that is handy link to the "this month's updates" which is followed by some less subtle ads for DVDs and a search box.

If you like a site with very frequent updates, you've come to the right place. Met Art says they update every single day - and they do. Met Art updated 94 times this month and the month has 3 days to go. Most of the updates, which are exclusive, are pictorials but 7 are videos. There were 9 movies last month and 6 the month before.

It's hard to know where to start browsing inside Met Art. The site has been updating since 2003 and even back then, the site was updating with over 40 new girls per month. The girls, then and now, are fresh and pretty and the photography shows them as sexual and desirable nymphs. Each listing has a cover like a magazine cover and you can go through all the covers and names listed and find the ones you want to see. Underneath most of the covers, you will find links to the high res photos, low res photos, and also the large version of the magazine cover. If the update was a movie, it will say so and you can click the cover to see the movie page.

When you click on a pic set, you are taken to a thumbnailed gallery where you will find yourself able to browse the photos in 2 sizes. You can also rate not only the model but also the photographer, who is mentioned by name on each set. The new pics are huge. We're talking 2904x4368 and 2 MB! Not surprisingly, the quality is very good but if you'd prefer something a little smaller, they have what they call lo-rez pics at 681x1024. The older pics are shown at a "mere" 2000x3008, which is still big enough that a medium shot shows you the models pretty close to life sized.

The Met Art pics and videos are wonderful. They're not just sexy, they're luminous and evocative. Whether indoors or outdoors, you will find classic centerfold photography as well as fine art nudes. All are well lit and professionally shot and are a celebration of the sexuality of the models and their bodies. And what bodies there are here at Met Art! Not only shapely and slender enough to sigh after but hot enough to make viewers horny as hell.

The older videos are offered in MPG format, and are good quality at their original screen size of 292x240. But once you get past the oldest videos, you will the videos are available in 4 formats - DivX (AVI), MPG, Real and WMV. These videos are better quality then the oldest movies, and a little bigger as well. They are good enough quality to enlarge to 200% and are larger, as well. And the newer videos are available in 6 formats, adding QuickTime, PSP and iPod videos and dropping the Real format. The new videos are even better quality, the WMVs being shown at 1351k, which is good enough to go full screen. The movies download quickly and play smoothly. I counted over 270 videos.

There's only one thing missing for me here. Met Art doesn't tell us much about the girls, and I didn't find any interviews. I would have liked to know what country each model was from, her age, maybe why she decided to model for Met Art. But honestly even so, this site has so much content and so many hot teens that I can't really complain.

Lovers of 18 and 19 year old girls are going to love Met Art. From their high quality videos and photography to the extra large photos, this site has a lot to offer. The photographers are world-class and the girls are presented as newly awakened to sexuality or as mischievous sprites or as beauties in lavish covergirl shoots. And members get access to live shows and daily updates, as well. If you're looking for fucking and dildo banging, this isn't the site for you but if beautiful girls presented in wonderful settings as they reveal their firm bodies to the camera turns you on, be sure to visit Met Art!

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