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Reviewed on 2007-08-17 by Frank




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Men in Pain is another extreme site from It is a nice counter point to the sites that focus on stringing women up in painful positions and sexually pleasuring them while distracting them with a flog or nipple clamps. This is a fearsome fantasy world in which incredibly beautiful and abusive young Mistresses have their way with their male captives. And unlike the real world where you would be very hard pressed to find a profession Mistress who would suck your cock and fuck you; here it is a regular occurrence. Men in Pain, like the other fine sites I have reviewed, provides a comprehensive promotional tour that lets you preview everything you will see inside. Men in Pain has been around for several years so that there is now a substantial amount of content from a site that reliably updates once very week with a new shoot involving several scenes.

The women in the tour are beautiful indeed and many of you will recognize some of them as well known porn stars; Annie Cruz stands out as an example; Penny Flame is another one. I have enjoyed the display of intelligence by these two women in other porn shoots I have seen so I am very interested in seeing how they do here. I have high expectations and I expect them to be fulfilled. The fact that they are involved with this site is a testament to how intelligently the sites in the network are managed.

If you have read my reviews of other sites, Water Bondage, The Training of O, and Hogtied, you will already have a very good idea of how the site functions. It site follows the essentials of the other sites. It is easy to navigate and what you see in the site’s promotional tour is exactly what you will find inside the site. The site has been around since Sept of 2001, so it has built up a large body of content that continues to grow each week. Video quality for the newer shoots is excellent.

The videos are available in either Real or WMV formats as zip file downloads. Download speeds are slow at 120 kb/s but you can download two files at the same time at that speed. Of course I head immediately for the videos of Penny Flame and Annie Cruz. Penny is dressed in a short body hugging latex dress that exposes her bald pussy when she bends over. Her victim, dressed in only a straight jacket, is suspended in a net, his bare balls exposed to the playful poking of Penny. The poking soon turns into more serious prodding, then flogging and paddling. All the time Penny keeps up a stream of invective to humiliate the unfortunate man in pain.

Scene two sees our submissive suspended over a dildo on which he is forced to descend after having his has backside paddled a brilliant red. Penny plays with his cock while she forces him to go up and down on the dildo. She masturbates her beautiful bare pussy as she watches him fuck himself, yelling words of encouragement at him. His only reward is that he gets to lick her asshole after she cums. In scene three her slave wears a combination cock ring butt plug. Throughout the scene she harasses him verbally to make his cock hard all the while canning and paddling him. In the end he is unable to maintain an erection under her verbal and physical assaults. Who could?

Penny’s video is typical of the format followed by all of them. An opening scene where the participants talk about what will happen, three different scenarios and a closing video in which the participants talk about what did happen. Annie Cruz’s video, like Penny Flames, does not disappoint. The scene in which she has her submissive tied legs bent and apart, cock roped to the floor, is incredibly hot. She has attached clothes pins to both his inner thigh and makes him stretch forward while keeping her waiting lips just out of reach of his very erect cock. When he is finally successful in reaching her mouth she sucks him like the porn pro she is, only to yang the string attached to the clothes pins sending him into paroxysms of agony. This alternating arousal and denial builds up a huge backload of sperm that we are not sure he is ever going to get to release.

After viewing so many sites where my very low expectations are seldom exceeded, it is such a treat to encounter sites where one’s high expectations are not only met but exceeded. Men in Pain is such a site. It is highly erotic and arousing and pushes the limits of what you will find on the internet. It is done intelligently, safely and well. It is another highly recommendable site from

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