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Melissa Doll

Reviewed on 01/04/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.8

Main: Single model

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

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First Impression:
Melissa Doll is a BrainPass site, the same folks who brought you Christine Young. Christine Young is the best solo girl site I have run across and I say that not just because she is a cutie who lives and works in my town. I say that because her personality came through on her site and she provided lots of variety in her updates. I use the past tense because, sadly, Christine Young no longer appears to be updating her site with new material. Happily there is lots of old material and you get her site as one of the bonus sites if you join Melissa Doll. Melissa is another cutie from Montreal and like Christine her site includes lots of variety. In the tour we see her with other girls and guys and it looks like every shot with the guys ends in a facial. The tour promises everything one would expect of a great site featuring one girl; a cute sexy adventurous bisexual girl, a personal diary, free live shows with Melissa, Check out the trailer on the second page of the tour. It will entice you in. I am expecting good things of this site.

I click on the members’ entrance and am taken to the Pornstar Network where Melissa Doll heads the page and I learn that there are 50 videos and 52 photosets on her site. That’s a fair amount of content. On her home page her happy face greets me. In her diary is the heading I’m back. Ha! I didn’t know she had been away. Curiosity tweaked I click on her diary. Hmm. Basically she came back a year ago to make one diary entry. There are another 9 entries that were made from May to June in 2004. Note to Webmaster: lose the diary. It just announces that this is a dead site. I wish Melissa well wherever she is but she is not here. But her horny self is captured in the 10 pages of videos that remain preserving her sweet essence. It will help if understand French. In several of the videos for some reason she is only speaking French although she does speak English tolerably well with a very cute Quebecoise accent. I really liked her masturbation scene in the Laurentian woods. I just hope that wasn’t poison ivy her pretty little butt was sitting in. In the video where she shaves her pussy she introduces the scene in English but she is soon talking about her petite chatte (her tiny pussy).

All the videos have an amateurish homemade quality about them that I really like. Melissa loves women as much as she loves men and she seems to be having great fun in all the shoots. She is slim with a well-proportioned body and nice natural small breasts. She also has no tattoos or piercings and that is pretty rare amongst Montreal girls in general and downright exotic in a Montreal adult entertainment performer. Melissa Doll would have made a nice replacement for Christine Young now that she appears to have abandoned her site. Unfortunately Melissa seems to have left the nest as well. Still there are lots of videos of her and don’t forget you get Christine as a bonus and a lot of other quality sites when you join Melissa Doll. All her videos are divided into segments usually 5 minutes in length, but that can vary. There is no whole movie option. The videos are available in WMV that streams immediately or MPG that has to be downloaded. Video quality is good. For those of you who like outdoor sex, Melissa Doll will be particularly attractive. Many of the scenes, both boy/girl and girl/girl take place in the beautiful ancient Laurentian Mountains just north of Montreal. I prefer those videos to the ones shot in the "exclusive Montreal hotel" that in reality is a motel that Montreal porn people like to shoot in because it is cheap and has large open themed rooms with spas. Its name will go discreetly unmentioned.

I really like Melissa Doll. She is cute and hard-core sexy. There is a lot of content on her site but there is unlikely to be any more added in future. The last evidence of an update is her diary and that was a year ago. Still there is plenty of her to enjoy on the site and she is worth watching if you like watching hot amateur sex with attractive people shot in good light conditions. I do. Membership to her site entitles you to entry into all the other sites in the BrainPass network and there are many good ones. Just don’t expect to see any live cam shows with Melissa as promised in the tour. Note to Webmaster: update Melissa Doll tour.

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