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Me and My Pussy

Reviewed on 07/29/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 6.7

Main: Masturbation

3 Day Trial: $4.87
1 Month: $39.73

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First Impression:
I don’t know what to make of a site called Me and My Pussy. And when it is all run together as it is when you see the URL, meandmypussy, it looks like meanpussy, which actually sounds like it could be a pretty good site name. Me and My Pussy, reminds me of articles that used to appear in Reader’s Digest many years ago with titles like "I am Joe’s ear". Then would follow a short treatise on the workings of the ear. There were quite a few of these articles, Joe’s Intestines, Joes Lungs, etc, I kept waiting for the one on Joe’s Penis but it never occurred. Me And My Pussy, judging from the photos and the text and the trailers is site that focuses on beautiful women playing with their pussies. There are lots of trailers available to watch on the tour and you can choose to watch them at super high, broadband, or dial up speeds. I watch Margaret at super high. The video plays at 640x480 pixels and is very good quality. Margaret is a young pretty blond with nice natural breasts and cleanly shaven pussy lips and a close-cropped landing strip. She inserts a bright neon green vibrator into her very pretty pussy. I am now very enthusiastic about seeing more of her. The video for Sarah Twain is equally enticing. In the interest of further improving my knowledge of the female anatomy I want to see this site. I unzip my pants and free my yardstick. Ok, let’s go in and take the measure of this site.

Home page is the generic face of a portal site. I have come in by one of the portals to a place where there are 20 other portal sites all quite different one from the other. There are only 15 Me and My Pussy videos on the site. I click Margaret, the girl from the tour. The video is divided into 3 parts. I can stream the video or I can right click and save it to my hard drive. I do the latter. I download two parts at the same time with both downloads maintaining speeds in excess of 225 kb/s. These are fast download speeds and the video clips arrive in no time. The video is very good quality. Margaret is a long lanky blonde with small but prominent breasts. She teases the camera, exposing her tiny transparent green panties. She is very engaging, I soon discover, as are all the other girls. I conclude that the videos were shot in Eastern Europe. All the girls are pretty and virtually tattoo-free and here is the key give-away, none of them speak at any point in their 15-19 minute videos. Nevertheless I could easily get into a site built around women this beautiful teasing us in their exotic lingerie and then masturbating to orgasm with whatever tools they require. Such a site would have more than 15 videos even if accompanied as these are by a set of high-resolution large 800x1200 photos.

To distract us when we run out of girls and their pussies, there are dozens of plug-in and hours of sexual diversion. That is what a site like this counts on. It bring you in, trapped by the fantasies they have sold you on out-side the tent. Once inside, to appease your discouragement and perhaps disgruntlement, they assault you with a kaleidoscope of porn dalliances. However be forewarned, if you are expecting to see a regular size pay site full of girls like the ones in the tour, forget it. This is more like a gold site in an adult verification network. All the bonus sites listed on the join page of the tour are only a fraction of the extras available.

I like many things about Me and My Pussy. The girls are all very attractive. Not one of them has artificial breasts. The movies are divided into large parts and can be streamed or downloaded and saved to your hard drive. What I did not like is that this is a pay site that has only 15 videos of the type that brought me in. If I stop thinking of it as a pay site and think of it simply as a portal to an all-purpose porn network with endless hours of porn viewing then maybe I could like this site. But that is not why I came in and now that I have seen all girls and their pussies I want out. But now I can’t get out of my head the lyrics of Me and My Pussy sung to the tune of Me and My Shadow.

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