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Reviewed on 2007-04-07 by Frank




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First Impression:
When I first saw the domain name I thought McNudes, and the mental image was so different from what the real site is about that my jaw dropped when the tour page opened. This is a site that occupies terrain similar to FTV and Met-Art. The photography is beautiful and the girls are exquisite. I scan the pages of the tour to try to find out what the MC signifies but I am not able to find any explanation. I love the tour. It is a mirror image of the inside of the site. My experience has been that the very best pay sites; the ones that are proudest of their tours and the reliability of their updates, are the ones that provide the most comprehensive presentations of what you will find inside. In the MC-Nudes tour you can see today’s update, tomorrow’s update and everything else about the site. I click on "Models". I can do a search by name, country, age, hair, bra size. There are no girls from Canada. All the models come from Europe and Russian with the exception three women from the USA. They range in age from 18 to 30 and bra size from A to F, including double D. I click on Melli a cute 18 year old with lovely natural breasts. I am shocked to see that she has received a rating of only 5.77 out of 10. I would have given her at least a 9. It illustrates how really beautiful the women here are. Nevertheless the site operators must really like her because there are 10 photo galleries and 9 video of her. I am anxious to get inside and lift up her rating.

I head immediately for Melli. I click on a video of her in a two-some. The video is in two parts, Bedroom Part 1 and Part 2. There are four download options iPod, MOV, WMV, that are all around the same size, approximately 18MB and a HDV DivX at 75MB. I choose the WMV option. It downloads quickly at 350 kb/s. The video quality is good on a large screen. The action is reminiscent of early playboy videos. Two women are intertwined, caressing each other in a sensual slow fashion that never heats up. I am puzzled by the Melli’s apparently low score out of 10. I would rate her higher than the 5.7 she gets. At first I think this must just be how high the standard of beauty is here but as I surf the site I soon learn that Melli is in the top 3 models on the site so the score is just an artifact of the voting process. I guess there is a certain leveling effect with many votes.

Next I check out the most recent updates. April 01, Alexa, 20 years, old is a bosomy blonde from the UK and April 02, Alice, age 20, is a bosomy blonde from Denmark Alexa’s photos come in three sizes ranging up to 4000 pixels, while Alice tops out at 3000 pixels. The girls are outside and posed very much like the playboy models of my youth. Photo quality is excellent and at these large sizes the girls are more than life size. You will have great fun using you left-right, up-down keys to scan these huge photos. Is that vagina glistening with excitement? I think so. This is predominantly a photo site. There is a very nice slide show function and one day I may own a monitor large enough to take advantage of it with the large photos. Photos are offered in three sizes, 600 pixels, 1000 pixels and either 3000, 4000, or 5000 pixels. Whole photo sets can be downloaded as compressed files.

MC-Nudes is a nicely constructed site that has a beautiful look, the equal of the beautiful women that it features. It is a soft core site with women and poses that remind me of the Playboy playmates of my youth. The emphasis is on photos but there are also some 200 videos. The photography is excellent with huge crisp images that are larger that life. There is an immense amount of content, the result of daily updates since 2004. This is a very high quality site with very high quality women and receives a very high recommendation. There is no hard core here.

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