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McKenzie Miles

Reviewed on 12/30/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 6
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 5.8

Main: Single model

3 Day Trial: $1.00 (recurs at $39.95)
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
I just recently reviewed a solo site from this same supplier. It was called Kelsey XXX. I gave it one of my lowest ratings. Kelsey XXX membership gives you access to five of her friends. McKenzie Miles is not one of her friends so it is somewhat interesting to note that among the eight friends you get when you join McKenzie Miles is Kelsey. I had to check to see if Kelsey is actually Kelsey XXX and indeed she is but without the XXX which was never appropriate because she did nothing on her site to warrant the xxx. It is peculiar but consistent with the misleading promotions offered by this network of sites that the text describing her says, "Kelsey is a very horny coed... just look at all the hot and sexy situations that she gets herself into here!" I have no idea what they are talking about. There is a 9 minute clip of her masturbating which is almost half of the total of twenty minutes of video offered. They can’t be talking about her shaving her pussy or taking a shower of eating an ice cream can they?

McKenzie Miles Looks a bit more promising. On the tour page she is shown with a cock in her mouth and a cock in her pussy. Kelsey XXX had not be updated in five months but McKenzie’s site is updated every week she says and indeed she shows the recent updates on her tour, the last one being only 2 days ago, December 28, 2007. McKenzie is a slim; you might even say skinny, blonde with nice blue eyes emphasized by unsubtle heavy black eyeliner. The tour is extensive with most of the images showing her in a solo situation. There are five scenes of her interacting with an erect cock but three of them seem to be taken from the same shoot. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case given that the site comes from the same folks that thought a 9 minute clip of Kelsey warranted attaching an XXX to her site name.

McKenzie Miles has significantly more content than her sister site Kelsey XXX but that is not saying much. Two things leap out at me from the site. The first is that the home page contains a blog. This is a very good idea if she wants to make a connection to her members. The only problem is that the last entry was eight months ago, May 07, 2007. It is entitled "You Keep Me Going". She says "I appreciate our connection so much. Don't leave me, okay?" Obviously we didn’t keep her going and you have to wonder why we should be interested in her site if she is so uninterested that she can’t update her blog in 8 months. There are a total of 5 blog entries, one a week from April 3 to May 7. That leaves me with the impression that after 5 weeks she and whoever else is involved with the site gave up on it.

The other thing that struck me about the site is how she changes from the somewhat scrawny girl we see in the tour to almost pudgy in some of her shoots and the changes do not appear in a chronological order. Check out her videos. She goes from skinny in "My First Calendar" to plumpish in "Wanna Footjob?" to skinny in "Me and Mr. Williams" to filled out again in "These Boots Are Made For..." No explanation is given. Strangely "Me and Mr. Williams" is described as 23 minute video of Mrs. Williams showing McKenzie how to suck Mr. Williams’ cock. However, when you click on it, it turns out to be a 7 minute video of her putting on makeup and styling her hair with a curling iron. Another one called "Size doesn’t matter", supposedly 32 minutes long turns out to be McKenzie brushing her teeth and is just under 4 minutes. These are the kind of videos that I find so boring on these solo girl sites. It must be disappointing to those who were expecting some sexual play, but worse, it is sloppy and shows how little interest the site owners actually have in their site or us.

There are 36 photo sets. I would describe them as amateurish. They are 683x1024 pixels in size. There are 22 videos. Most are in the 4-7 minute range. At least two are not what they claim to be.

Another lousy solo girl site without much content. McKenzie Mills has a blog but she can’t be bothered to keep it up. Videos of her curling her hair or brushing her teeth or doing other banal activities are of little interest to anyone I would think. I previously reviewed one of the bonus sites you get when you join McKenzie Mills. Believe me it is no bonus. Give this site a pass. Better yet wait for, coming soon.

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