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Mandy's Diary

Reviewed on 10/04/2006 by Eddie

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.0

Main: Single model

3 Day Trial: $9.99 (recurs at $29.99)
1 Month: $19.99

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Today we're checking out a site about a college girl named Mandy who wanted to be a model. When that didn't work out, she turned to her girlfriends at school. One takes pictures and the other builds websites, and together they decided to build Mandy a site - so the planets align and an internet model is born! Her site is called Mandy's Diary. As far as girls go Mandy is a cute, petite, normal girl who has a playful, bouncy attitude with long brown hair and small features. Her site content consists of mostly clothed and naked posing and some masturbation. Mandy doesn't have sex with anybody but she does play with herself. Let's click on the member link and enter!

At the top of the member page we see Mandy and her site title. Right below that we have a personal welcome and biography of Mandy herself. Just below that we have one of her diary entries. Yes, Mandy actually does have a diary, but so far the only entry is one made back in October 17 of 2005 and as of this review, no more entries have been posted. Now off the left we have a site navigation menu with links to help us get around the site that's intuitive and easy-to-use. Just below that we have a small list of single girls sites who are Mandy's friends and just below that there are two pics with links to the latest photo gallery and the latest video update. There are no flickering banners or other unnecessary ads found in the site.

Mandy is cute and perky and likes to flirt for the camera and seems to have a good time though. In her site she makes no mention of a boyfriend, or a girlfriend or anybody else except a dorm full of hot girls of which we see none of. Too bad. I would have liked to see a dorm full of hot girls. Actually she mentions Jesse the photographer and Allison the webmaster, but we don't see or hear them in the shoots and have no connection with them, either. Unmentioned by Mandy is a strange man whose voice appears in some of the videos directing her. This sure doesn't sound like her photographer girlfriend Jesse.

Mandy's Diary contains 21 videos offered in WMV format and in 3 choices of quality. They are low, med and high. The high quality videos are sized at 320x240 and stream at 512kbps. The med are also 320x240 but stream at around 384kbps and the low videos are like 152k and sized a little smaller. These videos are broken into various numbers of clips or you can watch the full versions. Unfortunately you can't save any of the videos to your harddrive. The sound quality is average and could be a little louder.

There are 101 picture sets in this site and feature digital photographs and not vidcaps. These pics are not bad and would be of about the quality of a photographer who has done this before. These aren't professionally shot and lack some clarity but the work well within the context of the site. These pictures are where Mandy does her best work as the images are well composed and setup in such a way to make Mandy the star.

As far as bonus content goes we have 65 sites in the same network with Mandy featuring all kinds of niches. A massive picture archive with 1000's of photographs, and 7 amateur single girl sites. These 7 girls are all teens with their own sites just like Mandy and would be worth taking a look at.

Mandy's Diary is a fairly small site with no updates. This chick has potential to go somewhere but unfortunately the site makers just seem to have given up. The picture sets are where Mandy really shines and these show her off at her perky teen best. The movies are much longer then the average fare dished out in other single girl sites. These videos are typical amateur productions and could be fun to watch. Sadly the tour has too much hype and so the member area is a letdown. There's no working diary - just one entry from almost a year ago which sucks! Join this site if you really like the Mandy that you see on the tour as $20 is well spend for a month's worth of viewing pleasure and a whole lot of bonus content but don't count on updates or site progress here.

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