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Mandy Michaels

Reviewed on 03/08/2007 by Basschick

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 6.8

Main: Single model

30 Days: $28.69 (recurs at $25.69)
40 Days: $39.99 (recurs at $19.99)
51 Days: $49.69

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Mandy Michaels is an average looking amateur who seems to get a kick out of flaunting her D-cup boobs. She's slender and her only really curvy features are her breasts and her butt - both very nice, btw. Mandy has the look of a sort of low-end stripper or a friendly girl from the trailer park, which can be VERY sexy if you're into girls with that sort of slutty look. Her site says that her pics and videos are offered in "Hi-Definition", which is always a plus, so let's take a look inside Mandy Michaels and see what we can find!

When logging into Mandy Michaels, one must pass through a network hub page. Members actually get access to every site on that page, but let's head off to Mandy's site now and we can check out the extras later.

The main member page inside Mandy Michaels is very basic - in fact, if you liked the lively tour, the main member page may be something of a letdown. It offers us the latest updates, videos and pics. There are no coming attractions, no diary or other input from Mandy herself, no site welcome - just 3 sections of thumbs and the buttons at the top of the page that lead to the other sites in the network and to support. The latest updates are dated last October (it's currently March), so I'm afraid we can't count on further updates to the site.

There are 90 pic sets inside Mandy Michaels, each listed with a preview thumb. While there are linked thumbs shown in the pic section, in reality many of the sets are only part of a single shoot. Not only that, but as you go through the pic sets, you'll discover multiple sets take place on the staircase with the beige carpeting and more take place on the beige couch. There's a lot of Mandy doing the same few poses, too - hands on breasts to cover her nipples being the one that's there the most. The pic sets here are titled with names like mandy1452 and mandy982 - not exactly descriptive or sexy titles, to be sure.

Neither the pic sets nor the videos inside Mandy Michaels are Hi-Definition as the tour claimed. The videos are big enough to be called high resolution, but that's not really the same thing. The pics aren't even high res - they're a fairly medium size for this day and age. And of course, let's not forget that this site hasn't updated in just over 4 months at the time of this review.

The 25 videos are shown at 640x480, which isn't high definition but is high resolution. These videos are offered at good quality and can be streamed or downloaded - they're even good enough to go full screen without much loss of quality. Some of the vids are a little odd to watch, though. One has Mandy in the kitchen getting ready to pose, and we get to hear her talking about her allergies with the photo guy and video chick. Definitely not that sexy, but interesting if you like "behind the scenes" videos. There's a lot of this sort of thing in the videos as it appears that the photos, not the videos, are the focus of the shoots.

Then why, you may ask, should one join Mandy Michaels? How about 7 more non-nude sites shot by the same people? If you like their casual amateur style, there are 5 more sites that are dedicated to one girl and there is also a non-nude butt site and a non-nude sock fetish site featuring all the girls from the 6 single model sites. You can find links to all these sites at the top of the pages by clicking Exclusive Softcore Sites. And what if you feel like hardcore? Well, there's plenty of bonus sites inside Our Exclusive Sites and inside Bonus Sites. And in case you want even more, there's a huge DVD archive of smut videos. Members who find nasty Mandy appealing but want more will find a big collection of non-nude and porn content.

Mandy Michaels herself is a rather slutty amateur whose site might benefit from a better photographer and videographer. While Mandy seems to like showing off, the lack of lighting, editing and planning in these pics and videos makes them pretty lackluster. Still, the content is exclusive and fairly good quality and members do get access to 7 more exclusive non-nude sites plus a whole lot of bonus sites and DVD content. If you like real amateur girls, Mandy Michaels and the other non-nude sites are the real deal, and members can always head off to the bonus content for some hardcore.

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