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Magic Blondes

Reviewed on 12/06/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 9
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 8.3

Main: Babes
Additional: Masturbation

1 Day Trial: $1.95 (recurs at $29.95)
1 Month: $29.95 (recurs at $24.95)
3 Months: $59.95 (recurs at $54.95)

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
I really like the look of the Magic Blondes tour. The colors selected and the models chosen look great together. Blondes are the most popular women on the internet I was told when I started shooting models for "Get more blondes", my partner of the time said. I didn’t and that may be a partial explanation of my lack of success as a web site owner. I also happen to prefer brunettes like the lovely Celeste who was my first model and one of my favorites. Like so many models she appears under many internet names, Ravon and now Alexxia Jones with her own site Somehow I just cannot imagine her as a blonde but it is certainly would not be unusual if that were to happen. And because it happens so frequently apparently real blondes are in danger of becoming extinct. It seems gentlemen really do prefer blondes and women knowing this, or sensing it, have for years turned to the bottle (the peroxide bottle) to increase their attractiveness to the opposite sex. This has worked so effectively that the faux blondes have been reproducing at such a rate as to endanger the world’s future supply of real blondes. How is one to tell? There was a time perhaps before pussies became the shaven, plucked and accessorized organs of public display when we might have looked to the a woman’s nether regions for confirmation. The increasingly visible vulvas of today’s women tell us nothing. If not totally hairless what little hair is left had likely been tinted to match the hair on her head. It seems women are increasing paying as much attention to how their pussies look as they use to pay to their faces. I am waiting to see a line of cosmetics devoted specifically to beautifying the now public privates of women. By the way, I am guessing that Victoria Swinger, the one inserting a cigar in her anus, is a real blonde. What do you think?

The first thing that strikes me about the dozen women whose photos appear in the "Top Voted Exclusive Scenes" Section is how similar they all look. Dana and Mia and Candy and Sophie could all be sisters. At first I thought they were all the same girl. If I am having difficulty differentiating them I wonder how a Chinese person living in mainland China would fair. If these girls are your type, and they are mine, then you will be very happy with the girls on this site. This is a girls only site, that is, girls and their toys. And there are lots of girls, 14 pages with 5 scenes to a page.

Each scene has large high quality photos, 834x1280 pixels. There are 100 of them for example, of Jasmine Rouge the first girl I have a look at it. She is a very pretty woman with a lovely natural body, blonde of course. The video is divided into 10 parts that can be streamed in low or medium or high quality or downloaded as medium or high quality. The same streaming and download options are available for the full video. Download speeds are dreadfully slow, hovering around 170 kb/s. This lethargic transfer discourages me from any further downloads particularly after the last six sites I reviewed belonging to another network consistently maintained download speeds in excess of 750 kb/s. These guys will have to improve if they want to keep up with the competition.

Okay I am back from making a coffee and the video has still not arrived. It is only 236 MB. Thank goodness they don’t have 500 MB plus files which are now becoming increasingly common on sites featuring high definition video. When the video finally arrives it is very good quality Jasmine wears a blue sports jersey and tight white shorts that emphasize her camel toe; she teases us before she slides them off. I was disappointed she was not wearing any panties to prolong the tease. She does have a very pretty plumb totally shaved pussy that she vigorously masturbates before inserting a big blue dildo.

I don’t have the patience to download anymore videos so I content myself with streaming the parts of scenes. The streaming versions are not the same quality as the download but they do load and stream fairly quickly. One of my favorites is a girl named Jo, such a pretty girl, but there was no audio on the streaming version. For those of you who like peculiar penetrations there is Victoria Swinger with a champagne bottle in her pussy and the cigar up her ass.

Magic Blondes offers a truly generous selection of gorgeous blonde girls alone with their fingers and toys. The content is exclusive and each video set is accompanied by a separate photo shoot of large high quality images. The site is updated daily but updates consist of one part of a 10 part video. Members have access to thirty plus sites based on how long they remain members. Movies can be downloaded but the download speeds are slow.

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