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Lusty Grandmas

Reviewed on 06/19/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.0

Main: Granny

1 Day Trial: $1.95 (recurs at $29.95)
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First Impression:
Lusty Grandmas occupies a niche with which I am totally unfamiliar. It is not that I was unaware of its existence, I even once promoted a mature site but I did not do it well. I just don’t know the niche and to whom it appeals. I recently reviewed a grandpas fucking teens site by the same group that does this site. I completely got the idea of young women being fucked by old, out of shape guys. It is something us older guys can easily relate to. It is clear this site is not marketed to women who see in themselves the old out of shape women being fucked by young good looking guys. The tour for grandpas fucking teens features the girls. The tour for Lusty Grandmas features the grandmas. This site is aimed at guys who want to fuck grandmas. I am not too sure how big a market that is but this site is one that the market will welcome. Its content is 100% exclusive and I imagine it is pretty hard to get. I just cannot imagine my granny with a mouth load of cum dribbling over her lips and down her hairy wrinkled chin, which is just one of the fine granny images you will find in the site’s tour. Lusty Grandmas provides several pages of tour images and videos. It is illustrative of how hard it is to come by true grannies than you find several women in the tour that would more accurately fall into the MILF category then the GILF category. It is interesting that, at least from the tour content, it does not seem that there will be any grandpas fucking grandmas.

There is lots of content here and most of it genuinely falls into the granny category. There are 60 videos at the moment and updates have been occurring regularly on a weekly basis. There are large photos, 851x1280 pixels, that accompany each video shoot. There is no slide show option. All movies on the site are exactly 30 minutes. It was the same thing on the grandpa site. It stands out because of its strangeness, indicative of an obsessive preoccupation with uniformity. I guess it makes it easy to fit everything into the template for easy updating and it looks as thought all 30 sites conform to the template. It is almost a relieve to find that the video of Via is actually 26 minutes and 48 seconds, even though as all the other videos it is described as 30 minutes in duration. Whew, I was imagining the editing challenge of trying to make so many videos of exactly the same duration.

I chose to stream the complete video at the high setting. The quality of the video is good. Video size is 448x336 pixels. Download speeds are slow, 125 kb/s. Each video is broken into 10 segments that can also be streamed or downloaded in low medium or high quality. The medium quality download is superior to the high quality stream and the high quality download is markedly superior to it. So much so that I would advise members to stick to downloads over the streaming option. Via herself seems more MILFish then GILF. She is 50ish I would estimate and in terrific shape. She begins by pleasuring herself before being assisted by a young black dude who aids her with some toys before using the toy that God put between his legs to fuck her. There is some nice cum play after he ejaculates on her face.

I said above there didn’t seem to be any grandpas fucking grandmas but there is one video that comes close. Young niece finds old aunty fucking the gardener who surely is someone’s grandpa. Soon aunty and niece are sucking gramps garden hose and to jump quickly to the finale, the scene finishes with nice niece dribbling cum from her pussy into aged auntie’s mouth. Did I mention there is a baseball bat involved?

Lusty Grandmas provides high quality pictures and videos of mature women, many of whom look just like the granny next door, in white-hot sexual scenes. It is great to see confirmation that grannies still like to fuck and some of these grannies have kept themselves in very nice shape. Those of you who prefer your grannies to be more wrinkly and looser of flesh will not be disappointed. All the content is unique and can only be found on this site. The site may not appeal to some since there is no dialogue which is the way they deal with the fact no one speaks English. There are a bunch of bonus sites and more are added the longer you remain a member.

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