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Love Your Tits

Reviewed on 12/06/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.0

Main: Big tits

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $49.95
1 Year: $99.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
This is a natural. Who doesn’t love tits? What a lovely domain name. I consider my self a lover of tits so I am really looking forward to seeing what this site has to offer. The girls on the tour start out fine. All have natural breasts, which lean toward the large end of the breast measurement scale. As I scroll down the page I am getting a sinking feeling that this site is more about large breasts then it is a true breast lovers’ site. Artificial breasts do not arouse a true breast lover; big breast lovers are. This is not Love Your Big Tits. But that is what it perhaps is aiming for. The first suspect pair of tits is Candy Mason. The trailer is 320x240 pixels and takes a while to load. I hope the videos are better inside. She is immediately followed by Lexi Lamour whose trailer is a large 640x480 pixels, the better to display Lexi’s large bosom. And if you are a large tit lover you may be aroused as she massages oil into those large puppies. I, on the other hand, just do not think it is appropriate to include augmented breasts in a breast lovers’ site. Anybody with several thousand dollars can get a nice pair of breasts, even me. Well I can only hope that the number of women with natural breasts will outnumber those with sham breasts. On the other hand this is not my site and this guy can love any breasts he wants.

Oh this is familiar. These are the same folks that bring you 1000 Facials, a site I reviewed recently. It also happens to be one of the bonus sites you get when you join Love Your Tits. I click on the most recent review in the Recent Member Reviews box. But rather than a review of Cailey Taylor I am taken directly to her videos and pictures. The large photo of Cailey screams phoney tits. I am not going to bother looking at her videos put I do check out her photos. The photos are very large and confirm completely the poor girl’s fate. Isn’t an extremely obvious boob job like a very bad toupee? If you don’t pay much for it, it is understandable that it will not look anything like the real thing. I sure hope she didn’t pay too much for hers. I click on the first girl in the "highest rated" box. I am curious to see what the members of the site respond to. Her name is Chloe Dior. Her video is available in its entirety in mpeg, wmv low, or wmv high. There are also 10 wmv segments. I chose the segments. They are each 4 minutes long. Chloe keeps her top on through the first 4 parts of the movie so it is well into the movie before I can comment on the veracity of her tits. It is the same guy and the same cock from 1000 Facials. From the tour it is clear there are other guys but I got the one guy I hoped not to see again for a while. She successfully jerks him off into her mouth. Usually he has to jerk himself off to cum. She then lets his cum dribble out over her big artificial breasts. This video seems exactly the same as the videos I watched in 1000 Facials. At the end of it he even says, "That another one of the 1000". It seems that a facial video has just been repurposed as a big tit video.

I see Alicia Rhodes is also on the list of highest rated girls. I know she has big natural breasts and is quite the beauty but I don’t want to see her. I am tired of seeing her. She is everywhere and I have watched her just too many times to want to watch her again with the 1000 facial dick in her mouth. Jade Russell heads the "most popular" girl list. I wonder how "most popular" differs from "highest rated". One look at her surgically altered breasts and I go elsewhere. At the bottom of the page I hit the link to see all the other girls. There are 45 women in total and that is not a bad amount of exclusive content. I see Pamela there and I can vouch for the fact that she has lovely natural breasts. I once shot her myself and she gives a fine blowjob and is not afraid of cum.

My initial enthusiasm for Love Your Tits quickly waned like my erection when I saw the first of many babes in the tour with phoney tits. I had mistaken the site for a tit lover’s site. This is really a site of big tits, surgically grown if necessary. I think true breast lovers will not be enthralled with this place. On the other hand my friend Richard will love the site. For him the bigger the breasts the better and he offers props to the medical profession for prostituting themselves to his benefit.

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