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Load My Mouth

Reviewed on 12/26/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 9
Overall: 8.3

Main: Cum shots

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Load My Mouth is pornstar Brandon Iron's POV cumswallowing site. In it, girls suck his huge dick and then get a mouth full of his jizz. There are no facial cumshots, no tits covered in cum. Mr. Iron knows exactly where he wants to shoot his load - into the open mouths of the many pornstars and amateurs he lined up for this site. And if you do find yourself at the tour, and you're on broadband, be sure and check out the high quality video preview near the top of the first page. Why? Because with a bitrate of just over 2000 kbps, it's the same quality as the full videos inside the site, and that quality is pretty impressive. But enough of the tour - join me as I log in and take an in-depth look at the member area of Load My Mouth!

When you log into Load My Mouth, you are taken to a gateway page first. The link to Load My Mouth is at the top and there is a massive amount of bonus sites and content listed. We'll get back to that but first I'd like to check out the site we're here to see.

The main member page of Load My Mouth is simple and impressive. Below a brief set of navigation links at the top of the page are thumbs of every girl in the site, each one linked to that girl's video. The reason it's impressive is that there are 147 thumbs on the page, every one showing a girl with her mouth open and full of cum. What I don't see is the date each episode was added, so it's impossible to know whether the site updates or when. Still, 147 videos is a lot.

Before I go any further, I wanted to mention that Brandon Iron has starred in over 300 adult videos and has also directed over 50 and even done the cinematography on a few. If you're tired of guys who stumble over their words, can't keep their dicks hard (there's nothing like watching girls try to suck a limp dick!), or generally don't seem to know what they're doing, you have nothing to worry about here. Brandon speaks on camera like a pro and keeps his cock hard as the girls suck on it. He makes them deep throat him, fucks some of them and then fills their mouths with cum and he obviously knows his way around women, pussy and a camera - and that makes the action a lot hotter.

Each episode is available in both high and low speeds. When you first click an episode, you will find yourself looking at a page that, beside a couple sample pics, has Brandon Iron's description of the action, links to the high speed videos and a set of vidcaps plus a link you can click for the lower speed vids. There's also a button on the upper right in case you want to add this page to your favorites and information about the movie - run time, number of pics and name of the girl.

If you're looking for quality, don't mess around. Go directly to the link that says Full Scene on the right side of the page. You can download or stream this movie but what you will end up with is a 720x480 video with an impressive bitrate of 2032 kbps. What this means is that these videos look good and also if your monitor is set for 1024x768, you can go full screen with very little loss of quality. I was pretty happy with the full scenes and if they aren't quite DVD quality, they are getting close.

The videos are also available as 700 kbps WMVs that are shown at 480x360 and looks pretty good. There's also a 650 kbps MPG that is almost the same quality. For those who decide to check out the lower speed vids, there are WMVs in both 56 and 128 kbps as well as a 350 kbps MPG. The MPG is pretty good for people on slower broadband and the other two are definite options for dialup users as well as people on ISDN. All the videos have pretty good sound and play smoothly as long as your connection is fast enough for the movies you choose. If not, just download them and play them from your harddrive.

Beside the videos, each episode comes with pics. These are vidcaps, not digital stills, but they're a great way to preview each video and if you find a set you like, the entire set can be downloaded in a zip file.

In addition to the 147 videos with pics, members of Load My Mouth also get access to staggering amount of bonus content. These include sites from pornstars Peter North, Lex Steele and Vanessa Blue, web amateurs like Christine Young and Shelby Bell, plus reality sites like The Lucky Man and Porn Week Vacations - a total of 42 bonus sites at this time, many of which have exclusive content. There's also a DVD Library of over 350 DVDs (well over 1000 scenes) so when it comes to plenty of extra porn, Load My Mouth has members covered!

The bottom line is that guys into watching girls get mouths full of cum are going to like Load My Mouth. There are almost 150 episodes, each with a very high quality full scene plus more good quality video options in 2 formats. The vids can be downloaded or streamed and have good sound, plenty of hot and horny girls sucking on Brandon Iron's great big dick and a set of vidcaps for those who want pics. Members who want plenty of bonus content will find this site to offer good value as it offers so much extra content. If you're looking for cumswallowing videos and girls who love to suck pornstar cock, be sure and check out Load My Mouth.

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