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Little Coco

Reviewed on 12/11/2006 by Eddie

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 8.0

Main: Single model
Additional: Black

3 Day Trial: $4.97 (recurs at $34.97)
1 Month: $29.97
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Whoa! What's this? Another solo girl site - but guess what? She's a really cute black girl and she has her very own site called Little Coco. This is a rare treat, because black girls are sorely neglected in the solo girl niche. Let's take a closer look at what Little Coco has to offer.

Here we are in the members area of Little Coco and the layout is conventional and familiar. First there's a small introduction from Little Coco herself, then some navigation links and then the latest update appears off to the left. To the right we have an area with a drop down menu called "site jump". This is for access to the bonus sites which we'll cover later in the review. Below this is a members poll area complete with a button that says "vote". Well, I voted and nothing happened. Not too far from real life, I guess. There is also an opportunity to email Little Coco herself right beneath the voting button. Further down and left is a small sample picture from the next update. Just after this on our way down the page is a table of thumbs. This is where the exclusive content is. Down further still are bonus sites, and some upsells - and arriving at the bottom of the members area page is the legal stuff and a re-cap of the same navigation links as found on the top of the page. Nice and easy to get around in.

Little Coco is a slim and petite black girl who says that she just turned 18. She has pretty facial features, small tits, tight tummy, and slim hips and legs and only one tattoo. Complete with dark eyes and medium to long dark hair, she comes across as a shy yet trusting sort of girl next door type. During her videos you will notice that she often engages the camera with playful looks and small talk and seems actually interested in having fun and participating whole heartedly in her site. Often she'll portray the part of the somewhat innocent school girl - complete with pig tails and school books. Skipping about and throwing balls, building sand castles on her "day at the beach" and frolicking with her girl friends she looks to be having genuine fun during the shoots. Her enthusiasm and energy come across well in these movies and her personality is pleasing, interesting, and refreshing amid a sea of bored models one usually finds littering the solo girl scene.

Little Coco has 17 exclusive video episodes to offer her members. Short descriptions precede each episode as Coco tells about the settings and action. The sex varies from video to video and highlights include Coco playing with herself on the beach, sucking off a teacher, being fucked by a guy with a big dick, sucking off another guy in a van for a pair of trendy shoes, masturbating in the shower, several 3 way trysts with Coco's cute girlfriends, and some girl on girl action behind a pool house.

The episodes are presented in 3 to 5 small manageable clips in 2 formats - WMV and MPEG. The WMVs are offered in 3 speed choices: Hi - 1532k @640x480, Med - 592k @400x300, and Lo - 214k @320x240. The MPEG is only offered in "Hi" and arrives at a screen size of 584 x 480. Qualitywise we're talking good - real good. Sharp, clear, clean, well lit and shot, these clips are definitely a cut above the average porn being show these days. This applies mostly to the Hi and Med Wmv options but the lo version of the WMVs ain't too bad either and actually would be a handful for a 56k dial-up user. You can enlarge to 200% or go to full screen with the faster clips - no problem. In fact, I would say that these clips are just a pinch short of being HD quality. The MPEG looks a little rougher than the WMVs but still is fully watchable.

Little Coco also has some photo content in the form of digital stills. These are also pretty good looking and have an average size of about 750x500 pixels or so. They might have been shot with the actual camera used in the video shoots. These show Little Coco off pretty well and her sparkling personality comes through loud and clear. Often opening up with some candid shots and then progressing further, Little Coco seems to really like being in front of a camera. The picture sets come with some navigation features regarding thumbnail size and which page to view also. The sets are spread out upon pages of varying number - usually between 5 and 9 pages and the photographs number up into the low 100's per set and have almost a scrapbook naturalness to them.

Little Coco comes with 28 bonus sites to check out. These feature everything from teens, to Brazilian asses, to Arizona amateurs and Asians. Most of your genres are represented here and should you want more than Little Coco you can browse this stuff for days. Your same username and password will grant you access to all of these sites.

Well, although they are but minor problems, Little Coco has a couple of small issues. There aren't any dates on the episodes and no dates relating to any new content arriving to the site. Also should you be using the FireFox browser, be advised that you'll run into a problem with the default video player embedded in the clip pages. What happens is that the player turns into a very small box and the clip appears to be the size of a match book. The solution? Just below the embedded player is a link that once clicked allows you to open up the video clip in your computers own default viewer. Once you do this you can watch the clip with no problems at all. Also you can view the site in Internet Explorer if you want - there are no problems with the embedded player. Also listed below the bonus sites 7 "recommended sites". These all require that you spend additional money. While at least the site makers buried their banners at the bottom of the members page, I feel that they are unnecessary. It would be nice for once not to have them in the members area at all. I would also like to see more episodes but I have the feeling that this is a brand new site so hopefully new updates will be added soon.

Little Coco is an excellent site. Why? Because for one thing, Coco is a rarity in the solo girl porn scene. The internet is full of solo white girls, solo Latin girls, and solo Asian girls but when is the last time that you saw a solo black girl site? Also Coco seems to really enjoy her work. She is perky, cute, and seems to be having a blast. This comes across foremost in her videos but also in the candid and open quality of the still photos. I feel that these site makers may be listening to the surfers and focusing a little more on quality than most sites do. With further updates and follow through, this site could take off and make Little Coco much very popular and possibly serve as a template for future solo girl sites. Add this one to your quiver and enjoy!

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