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Little April

Reviewed on 11/10/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 6
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 5.7

Main: Single model

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
You guessed it, another solo girl site. I don't generally like solo girl sites. I find them boring. Yet each solo girl site has the potential to do really well, as well as a site like Christine Young for example. They have that potential because the content is unique. There is no one else like the girl in the site. If she captures the imagination of enough people then she can do very well. It really depends as much or more on her personality then it does her looks. It is also essential that we have some way of interacting with her. Does she keep a diary? Is there an email for contacting her or a forum for interacting with her and her other admirers? Is the site solely about her or do we see her interacting with others? I make the assumption that the other basics are in order like good design quality videos and pictures. How does Little April do? On her tour page she announces a new member feature, April Mail, a brand new feature added to her member's area. She says "You guys have been wanting to talk to me for months now you can!" Well duh. I cannot tell from the tour how many videos there are. The site seems to update approximately every week with the odd exception but whether the update is a video or a picture set is unknown. The updates do seem to be the banal domestic dopiness common to so many of these solo girl sites, shopping, bathing, kitchen, shower, etc etc.

April is 5' 4", 104 pounds and still lives at home with her mom. I am put off by her home page. There is more emphasis on selling me a membership to other sites than there is on her. Movies are available in wmv, rm and mpeg. I chose the mpeg and right click to download to my hard drive. The download speed is very slow, only 150 kbps when downloading only one video. Surprisingly it is the same speed when downloading 2 videos so might as well. Later downloads picked up speed substantially so I must have been experiencing net congestion. The first video I watch is divided into 6 two-minute parts. No full version is available. April is exercising outside on a mat. She disrobes and masturbates. She never speaks. The video is accompanied by a set of over exposed pictures, 1290x960 pixels.

In the next video I look at, April masturbates in the stall of a park washroom. Her cute 18-year-old body has a shuddering orgasm. She doesn't talk so not only do I have no idea yet of her personality I don't know if she speaks English. I click on the thumbnail of April in braces with her face in another girl's pussy. I figure she might talk if interacting with another person. Alas the thumbnail links only to a set of pictures, no videos. I check another set of her and another girl but again no video. I click on a solo shoot just to satisfy my self there are more videos. April masturbates in a tub and while she groans she does not talk to us. I am beginning to think she doesn't speak English. I do find a video set of April and another girl outside by the water. The other girl is eating April. Neither of the girls speaks. Now I am convinced, April does not speak English. So what will be the point writing to her on her newly installed email. It is not going to be her responding. This is not the first time I have seen this; a solo girl English site using girls form Eastern Europe or Russia. I can't say that for sure but with no evidence of English spoken it is a reasonable conclusion. And of course with April not speaking in any of her videos we have no sense of her personality.

Little April is yet another solo girl site. It features April masturbating in a variety of settings caught both on video and in pictures. April is a cutie who looks the 18 years of age she claims. There are several sets her interacting with other girls who are equally cute. The biggest problem with this site is that April never speaks so we never have any sense of her as a person. There is a reasonable amount of exclusive content but it becomes repetitive after a while. The site fails mainly because we have no idea of who April is and we are not encouraged to communicate with her if there is no sign that she speaks English.

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