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Limo Patrol

Reviewed on 02/04/2007 by Eddie

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 6.0

Main: Reality

3 Day Trial: $2.95
1 Month: $38.80
3 Months: $58.80

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Here we have a couple of broke guys picking up hot chicks with a borrowed limo. Nothing new here - I do this all the time ;) These horny guys get hold of a nice car and cruise for chicks. Once a damsel is spotted in some sort of distress the pitch is made and into the limo she goes. Let's take a close look at a reality site called Limo Patrol.

Pretty straightforward site layout. There are no new trends being made here - just the standard reality site member area. One big thumb calls attention to the latest episode, then the rest follow in table format. After that there are 15 huge banners for the bonus sites, all of which kinda fall into the reality site niche - which is a good thing. These are followed up by nine more recommended sites from friends then we arrive at the bottom of the page.

The girls are all pretty good looking and have minimal tats, good clear skin and they speak English. Nice clean hair and generally pleasant attitudes (except for Dominica once she finds out that she's been duped, she flips the bird at the camera guy and stomps off) and plenty of porn star fuck and suck skills round out this bunch. So far, so good.

There is 14 episodes broken up into around 60 one minute clips of large and small mpegs. WMVs are also offered with each episode and they use DRM (digital rights management). These are served up in 2 speeds: (DSL/cable and 56k). Only one episode offers an "MPR" video which is a format that you can use in your iPod player.

Here's the video quality breakdown: large MPEG 321x240 px, small MPEG 160x120 px. The large ones look pretty good, and can go to 200% with not too much degradation. The small ones are tiny and look like a zippo lighter. Don't try 200% on these. Sound is good, lighting is good, and all the required production values are present to help mark these videos as professional quality. I don't own an iPod so I couldn’t watch the mp4's.

Now to the pictures. Each episode comes with a number of pictures to supplement your porn viewing pleasure. These appear to be decent quality digital stills. Sizes hover around 800x533 px. Lighting and composition are all of the type of quality that one would expect from professionals getting paid, and they seem to generally follow a beginning to end format for the shoots with a few introductory pics starting out the series and progressing from here.

14 bonus sites are offered here at Limo Patrol and aren't hard to find. They are the gigantic banners spread out on the middle of the members’ area page. These all work and offer several different flavors of reality style porn to choose from - like the one we're reviewing here. Others topics include a 2 girls on 1 guy site, Latinas, Euro brides, big tits, and milfs. There's plenty to keep busy with between updates. Just below these are nine recommended sites sometimes know as "plug-in feeds" to check out - these are also accessible with your user name and password.

Now problems. All of the exclusive content is presented up at the top of the members’ page followed by a sea of large banners. Is this a subtle hint to take a look at the banners instead of the limited exclusive content? And guess what. These same banners are also shoved down our throats on each and every episode gallery! Another thing - no dates on the episodes or the updates or anywhere else in the site for that matter except the little bit of text at the top of the page that tells you what day it is. Also, in my opinion I think that the price is a little steep for a full month membership that only includes 15 original content videos and their companion picture sets. You might think differently, though.

Ok, the jury is back and has decided that this is a worthy site. Why? Because it's got hot chicks who know how to get busy, it's got a little more plot going for it then the usual reality crap out there, and these people actually are having a good time. All of the models get some dialog to work with and get it done with no problems. The guys even have a little fun too (in addition to fucking porn chicks) especially during the pick-up and at the end of the scene when once they explain the scam to the unsuspecting victim - it's kind funny to watch what goes down when the model realizes that she got duped and screwed! A couple of minor problems with mostly site layout and banner blasting, but in the end don't let that turn you away from such a fun site. Pencil this one in!

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