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Licensed to Blow

Reviewed on 04/18/2007 by Relentless

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 6.6

Main: Oral sex
Additional: Porn stars

3 Day Trial: $7.99 (recurs at $24.99)
1 Month: $24.99
3 Months: $49.99

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
The tour for this website is exceptional but the members area doesn’t do it justice. The tour gives you the impression that Catalina Cruz will be giving real lessons to some of the hottest women in smut so that they can improve their cocksucking ability before being sent back to the public as fully licensed cocksuckers. In fact, the members area contains 46 quality video clips (720x396 resolution) containing exclusive action... but Catalina Cruz doesn’t give lessons in most of them. In fact most are a girl and a guy having sex as they would normally or a second girl included but still no lessons or real training given.

The site does have a very easy to use navigational layout. Simple point and click gets you to well sorted video and still-frame content. Each episode is also properly numbered and labeled with the name of the starlet performing in it. Overall the content is solid but it isn’t the sort of student/teacher interplay that the tour promises. Also, the scenes include plenty of fucking which is not exactly a bad thing... but the site is a lot less focused on blowjobs than the tour makes it seem.

The video itself is offered in both streaming and downloadable formats with high-res and low-res versions provided in either WMV or QuickTime formats. That should make Mac users happy but even the low-res versions (approximately 16MB each) are probably a bit too large to get dial-up users smiling. The well produced 720x396 high-res downloadable video without DRM coding does deserve some praise.

One definite strength of the site is the extensive photo collection available for each and every scene. Hundreds of images are provided in stunning 1280x853 resolution and they are not the boring point and shoot variety that other sites employing less skilled photographers routinely put up in their members area. These are pics worth sifting through to find some gems for your own personal collection.

Offering just the 46 episodes for your membership price would be a bit light compared to some other sites so they have managed to include access to a few bonus sites as well free of charge! Club Jessica Jaymes, Ultimate Fantasy Girls, Sydney Moon, Josie Lynn and CamZ each grant you access and while these extra sites are not really more of the same content they do go a long way to beef up the value you get for your smut dollar by joining Licensed to Blow.

Not surprisingly, the site does a terrible job with its trial offer. You are asked to either join for 1 month at a recurring price of 24.99 or join for 3 months and get a month free by paying $49.99. If you close your browser only then do you get a pop-up window that offers you a 3 day trial for $7.99. Sites that have content which deviate from what their tour leads viewers to expect or trial offers that are only available after you reject the site are not the kind of smut I would normally recommend.

In all honesty this really is a pretty good site but it breaks the golden rule by getting viewers to expect certain things from its members area that it simply does not provide. If they wanted to offer some exclusive content and sexy picture sets they could have given their site any them or name. When they decided to go with Licensed to Blow they lead consumers to think their site would focus on oral sex lessons given by one masterful cocksucker to an aspiring apprentice... and the site just doesn’t provide that.

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