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Lez Cuties

Reviewed on 04/12/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.9

Main: Lesbian

1 Month: $29.95 (recurs at $24.95)
3 Months: $59.95 (recurs at $54.95)
6 Months: $94.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Lez Cuties features the cutest fresh and natural teen girls who not only love lesbian sex, they all love anal! This is no cookie-cutter site with the same plots and tired old content. Where most girls in lesbian sites barely stand to get their fingers and faces wet with pussy juice, these girls look like they're really into it. Just look at the pics on the tour and you'll see what I mean. And every single sample set they show has one of the girls fucking the other up the ass with a sex toy. I'm ready for more of these sexy teens - I'm off to check out the member area of Lez Cuties!

When you log into Lez Cuties, you'll find the main navigation is at the top of the page. There is also a sub menu on the left side of the page, followed by a preview video from the next site update. On the right are a message from the site "director", a linked message about an incentive program, the most recent site updates and then a list of the sites in the network. This is part of the incentive program - members don't get access to all the sites at once - they get access to one other site in the network per month.

The first section listed on the menu is EXCLUSIVE GALLERY. This is where the episode listings for Lez Cuties are. There are currently 39 episodes, each with pics and videos. Every episode is listed by the girls' names, title of update and the date the update was added, and is shown with 3 preview thumbs. I have to say that while browsing all the episodes that the girls are all cuties, all look 18 - 21 years old, and there's both lots of life and lots of down and dirty lesbo sex.

The first thing on the video pages on the left is a link to the trailer for that video. That's nice for guys who can't decide as it gives a sort of overview of the video. To the right of the trailer is the story of the shoot, links to the pics and videos, and below are specialized help links. Under these are preview thumbs and links to each clip, and last is a link to the full video.

The videos are WMV format and start to load quickly. The sound is very good. There are three speeds for each video - high, med and low. All three speeds can be streamed in your browser and the high and med clips can be downloaded. The high clips stream at 884k, the medium at 576k and the low at 32k.

If you choose to watch the videos in your browser, all three speeds are shown at the same size - 512x453. This isn't a great idea since the medium movies are actually 300x400 and the low speed movies are actually 176x144. Displaying them at 512x453 makes them a little less clear because it is stretching them to fit the player. If you download them, they are shown at the correct size for each clip. The high speed clips look good in the player.

The girls and the action in Lez Cuties are just as hot as they seemed on the tour. Every model in the site really does look like a teen and has a natural look rather than wearing lots of makeup and trying to look like a pornstar. The models seem to really be enjoying themselves, not just faking for the camera. There's lots of kissing (yum!) and fondling and plenty of fingering and sex toy action. The noises the girls make are sooooo sexy and there is lots of pussy play and anal penetration in every video. If you like watching girls with girls, I think these videos are sure to turn you on.

Each video comes with pics. The good news is that the pics are high-rez digital stills, not just vidcaps. More good news is that the pics are big - bigger than on almost any sites out there - and they are good quality. The pics are shot at 1280x853 or thereabouts, and instead of cheaping out to try and save money, these pics are shown at around 300k each. This is the good stuff! I really like the pics - they show the intimacy between the girls perfectly. If you're interested in keeping a set you can download the pics by the page or by the entire set in a zip file.

Beside the pics and videos, Lez Cuties also offers a section called CUTIES, which is actually a model index. Here you can browse each model and see which episodes she is in - many models are in more than one video so you can find your favorites in all their videos in CUTIES. Next up is the Lez Cuties FAN CLUB. This section includes diary entries from the girls, although there have been none recently. You can also post a message in the guest book or just read other messages about the site and the girls.

In BONUS CONTENT you will find over 100 movies in various niches including lesbian, boy/girl and solo. Each is shown in your choice of 3 sizes: 56k for dialup users, 128k for ISDN and 256k for those of us on DSL or cable modem. And listed last on the Lez Cuties menu are links to other sites and shop where you can shop for sexual enhancement products, fleshlights and other adult items and security programs.

Lez Cuties really delivers what their tour promises. They have some of the cutest teen girls and the sexiest lesbian action I've seen - plus these teens fuck each other in the ass with dildos or other toys in every video! The movies are good quality, although I recommend you download them rather than stream them. The pics are excellent and large and really capture the action. The site is updated regularly and as an extra, there are 100+ bonus movies. This is a wonderful site and I recommend fans of lesbian sex be sure and check it out!

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