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I have always been a big fan of the POV or point of view shoot in adult films. It gives you the impression that the model is interacting with you. This of course works better if you happen to be the same skin color as the visible parts of the guys in the POV shots. The Lex in LexPOV is Lexington Steele, a black dude who claims to have an 11-inch cock. Both the 11-inch cock and the fact that it is black make it difficult for me to relate. It is unlikely that I am going to be imaging that appendage as an extension of me. Well maybe with the help of some mind altering plant derivatives. The text on the front page of the tour says "did you ever dream of having an 11' cock and fucking the most beautiful women in the world?" No I can't say I have ever had that dream and if I did my cock would be white. The tour offers 3 pages of images from videos of the site. There are 6 women to the page and they are all beautiful. Interestingly there are no video trailers, just video captures from the movies. I find that a bit peculiar given that this is a video site. Nevertheless, the tour certainly provides us with a very good idea of what we are going to find inside. So I am putting on my rose-colored glasses and screwing up my imagination as much as I can to transmogrify my flaccid white puny penis into a magnificent rigid foot-long ebony sword that will extend from the real me to the virtual me being worshipped by these beautiful women. Let's go inside and see if it works.

This site is part of the BrainCash network and as a member you get access to all the other sites in the network and there are some very good ones like Christine Young. And that is a very good thing because there are only 22 videos according to the information on the home page. I don't know what it is that makes me suspicious of my fellow man. I am wondering whether I was always like this or is it simply to the result of being lied to by so many porn sites. Nevertheless I decide to count the videos for myself. There are actually 19 of them, just one more than the 18 we saw on the promotional tour. There is a survey on the home page that asks, "What do you prefer to see? A blow job, some hot fucking action, or a big cumshot on a sexy baby". I will tell you that hot fucking action beat out cum shot marginally. I also discovered you can vote as many times as you want but I just don't imagine too many guys trying to pad the results for their favorite. Still I would think it is a flaw that is easily fixed if the survey accuracy was at all important.

I am particularly aroused by a beautiful black woman named Lori Alexia. She has a fabulous body the perfection of which is emphasized by the black and white corset she is wearing. Lexington does have one goddamn big cock. It is not just long. It is long and thick. It is very impressive in all its shaved magnificence but there is no way I am imagining it as mine. Rather I am getting off on seeing this beautiful woman deal with this unusually large cock. I think. I was always pretty happy with my dick but now it seems so tiny in comparison. I shake that off and go on. There is no whole version of the movie available. We are forced to watch it in 5 minute segments in either wmv or mpg format. I chose the wmv format. There is a low bandwidth version for dial-up users. The video streams quickly and is a reasonable size and looks ok at full screen. It is too bad that video cameras don't have some way of automatically adjusting to a backlit situation other than darkening the foreground. The final two minute facial sequence is a must see. Forget about clicking the link to the photos. You will only find video captures from the movies.

This seems to be another pay site made from a couple of DVDs. As such it is a reasonable entry portal into the BrainCash network and a reasonable addition to the members of that network that joined from other BrainCash site. I find the videos repetitive. All the ones I watch progress in an identical manner. Some like predictability. I like variety.

LexPOV is a portal site into the BrainCash network of sites. It is really a collection of 2 or 3 Lexington Steele DVDs. There is no doubting Lex's claim of an 11-inch cock. It looks monstrous. If you have any sensitivity about your own penis size you might want to pass on this site. LexPOV has only 19 videos and I found that was more than enough for me. They are too repetitive, following a nearly identical progression from tease to blowjob to fucking to facial. I was happy to be able to move on to other sites in the BrainCash Empire. Although if you want to see girls fucked by a really big black cock you will find this site satisfying.

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