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Reviewed on 2007-02-18 by Eddie




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Three time "AVN Male Performer of the Year" award winner Lexington Steele has legend status within the porn industry. Known for his large cock and sexual stamina, he has a devout following and a huge selection of videos under his belt. A good deal of these are interracial videos. Lex has brought to us a selection of his interracial work to his website called Lex Interracial and we're going to take a look at it today.

Logging into the member area we find that Lex wastes no time in getting down to business. His latest episode is front and center of the page and is really the only thing on the page besides 4 navigation links. Keep in mind from the start that the content within the site isn't exclusive to Lex Interracial but is taken from DVD's of Lex's own movies, but it's a very good collection.

Video content is offered here on 13 pages with 5 episodes listed on each page for a total of 66 videos. These are offered in 2 speed choices and 2 formats, Hi speed and Lo speed, and WMV and MPEG. Under Hi speed we have a 700 kbps WMV (480x360) and a 650 kbps MPG (352x263) and under the Lo speed option we find 2 WMVs: 56 and 128 kbps (both 240x180) and a 350 kbps MPG (240x175). The smaller videos should work well for dial-up guys as they are economically sized. The larger WMVs are what you would expect from a site like this. Although they aren't DVD quality they are pretty good looking in their own right. You can go full screen with these things - with not too much of a sacrifice in quality. All of these clips hook up with no problem and the sound was clean and consistent throughout the videos that I sampled.

Quality of the videos was what one would expect from commercial porn. Lighting and camera work are good, the women are name brand porn stars, and all of the action is go-for-broke hot. Lex flies first-class here.

On to the pictures. Each episode page comes with a picture set to choose from. These are sized around 720x480 and are vid caps. These are what you would come to expect from a camera shooting porn and basically show some of the finer moments of Mr. Steele in action. Thankfully most of them aren't a bunch of loose pixels scattered about and some expertise in editing was used here to select the better captures. A zip file download option is also available but this sadly doesn't work. You can download the file, but it won't open. I have checked out several other sites in this network and this is true of the zip files made available in those as well. I'm not too much of a techie, but my computer says that there is an extra byte in the files and that they are corrupted. Better luck next time. Stand alone digital photographs aren't offered at Lex Interracial.

Bonus content? As you are probably aware, Lex Interracial is a part of a huge network of porn sites. When you buy a membership to one, you get access to all. Having said that, the content made available to you with your membership is vast and extensive. All kinds of porn is here for you to drown in. A thru Z, and all the letters in between - make for a large selection of sites and topics to enjoy. There is also a link to a store that features Lex's videos, and a list of recommended sites you must join in order to enjoy.

Problems? Well, the only things that I would have beef with would be the fact that there aren't any dates on the episodes. Also the non-working zip file thing. Message to the site owner: this needs attention!

In the final analysis Lex Interracial is a comprehensive collection of Lexington Steele's interracial porn highlights. All of the videos offered are of good professional quality, the women are qualified grade A porn stars, and Lex serves up the action in the award winning style that he is known for. A couple of negatives stand out - the largest being the technical problem with the photo zip files, but once absorbed in the content this gets forgotten. So if interracial porn is your thing or you're a Lexington Steel fan, then this is your site for a collection of the best stars in the business in smoldering interracial action.

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