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Lesbo Trick

Reviewed on 12/29/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.8

Main: Lesbian
Additional: Reality

3 Day Trial: $1.00 (recurs at $39.95)
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
I have seen this site before. I always thought of it as a plug-in. A plug-in is content that webmasters buy to fill out their sites and is offered as a bonus to keep their membership happy with more hours of viewing material. I have seen it offered as a bonus in probably a dozen or more sites. I have never really paid attention to the premise of the site before. It is one of those "reality" sites. I put reality in quotes because of course nothing about it is real. These are all models paid to do what you see. All have signed model releases and have provided copies of their photo ID. This is true of every so called reality porn site you have seen or will seen. From the title, Lesbo Trick, I had concluded in an unthinking way that this was about women who somehow were tricked into having a lesbian experience. But that is not what the site is about. According to the tour the trick in Lesbo Trick is to get the women to engage in a lesbian experience on film for money and then not pay them. Ha ha! This is the same kind of sophomoric wit that I recall seeing in a "fucking in vans" site where when the girl has finished the scene she is let out of the van by the guys who have promised her money, but instead they peel rubber and speed off, guffawing and high-fiving each other for having fucked her over twice, once physically and once psychological by robbing her of her pay. It is eerie how the promotional text for Lesbo Trick makes the same point. "I usually convince the girls to take nude pics with me but they always end up getting fucked in more ways than one." What a yuck this site is going to be.

Now it is obvious why this site looks familiar. It is one of the 112 bonus site you get when you join Blowjob Junkies or any of the other sites of the same ilk that I have reviewed recently. This is a network of site with content drawn for hundreds of DVDs and small plug-in type sites like Lesbo Trick. Lesbo Trick offers 25 scenes. The most recent update is July 30, 2007. Today is December 29, 2007. Like almost all the sites I have reviewed in the last little while that belong to this network, there is not much content and updates are irregular if the occur at all.

There are several viewing options. You can stream the video on a small screen, 320x240 pixels. It loads a flash file rapidly permitting you to move around within the video for a quick review of its content. There are 3 download options; iPod, WMV (1024 kbps) and AVI (2048 kbps). The avid video quality is very good. Download speeds are usually around 400 kb/s but because some of the AVI files are very large, some more than 700MB, the download can take quite a while. Make yourself a coffee or go get a shower while you are waiting. I stick with the streaming version unless I run across something I really want to save.

In the first movie, a chick named Heather cruises the beach looking for a girl. She finds Charlotte a pretty young blonde whom she quickly convinces she can earn $400 completing a survey of sexual interests. They return to an apartment where one thing leads to another with Charlotte and Heather having sex. She is then driven back to a parking lot where Heather gives the girl her paycheck for $0 with the words you have been tricked bitch. When the shocked Charlotte discovers its content Heather yells "Bye bitch!" and takes off. Ha ha!

The next scene with Heather and Candi is actually very erotic with Heather straddling Candi and grinding her pussy into Candi’s. It’s just too bad that each video has the same predictable inane ending. The whole tricking business works better when the girls being tricked are not known. It falls apart when you see an experienced porn model like Katrina with probably a couple of hundred scenes to her credit. Katrina is a model I have shot many times. There is no way anyone is going to rip her off.

I hate the premise of this site. Why do the videos have to end with the girls being ripped off? It adds totally nothing. It is also too bad that there are so few videos, only 25 scenes. The sexual action, when separated from the foolishness of the fake robberies, is often quite hot, as are the women. When the Lesbo Trick is going to be updated is an unknown. It has been 5 months since the last update. You will have to be satisfied diverting yourself amongst the many bonus sites, several of them also lesbian.

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