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Lesbian Sex City

Reviewed on 07/24/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 9
Overall: 7.3

Main: Lesbian

3 Day Trial: $1.00 (recurs at $39.95)
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Today's review is of Lesbian Sex City. This is a lesbian site. It also claims to be an amateur site but the tour sends mixed messages - the header has very pro-looking photos in it of girls who look very primped and high-end, while the episodes below that have girls that are far more believable as amateurs and shot in an amateur style; I guess that's the danger of over-designing a tour. The site promises 100% exclusive content, thousands of full-length videos and hi-res photos, live cams with chat, daily updates, and 54 bonus sites.

The members area is nothing like the tour; it's cold and generic, organized with lots of links but almost no pictures. The layout's a little unusual, especially if you don't read all the text on the main page, because the site's main content isn't in "videos" or "pictures", it's "featured series". Navigation bars at the left, top, and bottom ensure you don't get too lost. The pages are run partly on flash, this has some display and search advantages, but it does take an extra beat to load, and your browser's back button takes some getting used to. There's also a handy model index if you want to navigate the network by actress. The only ads are a small dating and a small sex toy shop link found in each navbar.

The models here are not amateurs at all; they're porn actresses in porn scenes from porn DVDs. "That's a lot of 'porn' JR, how do you know?" Well, because the site lists each actress' name (such as Alexis Amore and Jenna Haze) and even the DVD from the scenes they were taken (such as 'When the Boyz Are Away the Girlz Will Play 11'). So the models range in the attractive-in-that-porn-girl way and many have big tit implants, and they obviously don't match the tour at all. Videos run about 15 to 20 minutes a piece.

The site's primary content has 20 episodes, but there are another 557 lesbian videos available from the "videos" page. The primary content stopped updating 4 months ago, but the secondary content is part of the network's daily updates and generally sees at least 1 new lesbo vid a week (and several photo sets).

Videos are in WMV format, the streaming versions come in clips and a full version, the downloadable just a full version. The largest version is the "high" downloadable at 480x360 and 1024kbps bitrate; the largest streaming version is 320x240 and 512kbps. There's no DRM and playback is smooth.

The videos look great, not surprising since they're taken from professional porn DVDs. The image can be a little soft but generally has solid detail. Camera work, lighting and quality do vary from movie to movie. The largest version can zoom to full screen fairly well. Audio is decent quality, but often times set pretty low.

Each episode has a video capture gallery, which look like shitty vidcaps. However, the "pictures" section has its own separate 378 lesbian photo sets. Sets generally have around 100-225 pics. Sets can be broken down by ethnicity as well via links above the sets' thumbnails. Photos are about 600x800 and 100kb. Image quality is pretty good, it varies from set to set but even the lesser ones generally look acceptable.

Bonus content starts with access to 97 bonus sites across a bunch of different porn niches, including 6 other lesbian sites. There's also access in the videos and pictures page to a lot more network content also from a ton of porn categories, nearly 5,000 photo sets and over 10,000 videos - many of which come from 2,100 porn DVDs which can be viewed as such. There's also a live-cams page with tons of girls, these do have free live cam and chat but they're meant to upsell you memberships so it's somewhere between "bonus" and "advertising".

The first negative is that this site isn't what it claims: these aren't amateurs, and the girls on the tour aren't in here. Also, sometimes the server will stop sending for a few moments or will get sluggish. And occasionally the flash pages will stop behaving correctly so you'll have to go back a few steps and click your way back in to remind the server where you are.

Lesbian Sex City isn't at all what the tour claims it is, but it does have a lot of lesbo porn despite that. The clips are taken from porn DVDs, the models professional porn actresses. There's nearly 600 videos and they generally look pretty good and an ok size. There's also nearly 400 photo sets, they're not "hi-res" in my book but they do look good none the less. The site updates daily and often there will be lesbian content. And there's a ton of bonus content. Lesbian Sex City gets 2 reviews - if you're looking for amateur lesbian porn, this is a total pass, it's not here; but if you want a lot of general lesbian porn, this site is definitely worth checking out.

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