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Lesbian Recruiters

Reviewed on 07/29/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 6
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.3

Main: Lesbian

3 Day Trial: $4.87
1 Month: $39.73

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Lesbian Recruiters promotes itself as a site where sweet girls get coaxed into first-time lesbian sex. I don’t get why they use a sheriff or marshal style six-pointed Star of David gold badge with Lesbian Recruiter written on it. I have never heard of recruiters carrying a badge unless they are recruiting you to a police force perhaps. Not sure what they are trying to tell us. The tour has lots of videos trailers. The content seems to be exclusive to the site. In the trailer we are welcomed to another edition of Lesbian Recruiters by a lesbian recruiter who introduces us to the recruitee. I like the idea of the site. It will be interesting to see how well the site’s videos pull off the illusion. The trailer for Hailey recruits Goldie has increased the blood flow to my other brain. The trailer for Megan recruits Alexis reinforces the good impression I am developing of this site. Nowhere in the tour do they mention how many movies they have on the site nor how often the site is updated. This is both a good and a bad sign. It means they are not telling us any lies but it also means they are now telling us anything about a pretty crucial aspect of the site. Anyway I am suspicious and willing to bet there is not much more lesbian recruiting content than we see in the tour. Happy to be proven wrong, I head on in.

As I predicted there are only 15 videos related to Lesbian Recruiters. I click on Megan and Alexis, two cute young women. Their page opens up with 20 thumbnails. I click on one. A video player opens and the video plays after a short buffering period. The clip is 2 minutes long. It is of barely adequate quality when played at 320x240 pixels. I can click on links to the previous clip or the next clip of to download the clip to my hard drive. I click on Megan and Kacey hoping that the marginal quality video might have been an anomaly. No, unfortunately Megan and Kacey video displays the same low quality. Which is too bad. Kacey is a beauty and Megan looks as though she is really enjoying exploring Kacey’s body. The clips are only 90 seconds long, they stream quickly with little buffering and you can advance to the next clip when you desire it. Megan finger-fucks Kacey to three orgasms. It is really arousing to watch. It is unfortunate that there are only 15 of these videos and that they have chosen to offer them in such a compressed form. I want to see more. I click on Megan and Britney. Britney is a cute blond with small perky breasts that match her perky personality. This is another great video. I feel like a voyeur watching two women really having real sex.

Lesbian Recruiters is, it turns out, a portal, one site amongst dozens of plug-ins and pseudo-sites. A pseudo site to me is one like Lesbian Recruiters without enough content on its own to justify being a pay site but when combined with a whole bunch of other pseudo sites maybe has enough content to prevent the buyer from asking for his her money back. When I reviewed Pepe’s Adventures, another pseudo site in this network, nearly half of the 20 bonus reality sites didn’t work. They all seem to work at the moment but the same cannot be said for the many plug-ins. The first one I tried didn’t work and the second one froze my computer. If you have joined any of these types of sites in the past that fill out their content with plug-ins, you will have seen most of this stuff already.

Although I liked all the videos I watched on Lesbian Recruiters there are not enough of them and they are too compressed. This limited content is augmented by 20 reality bonus sites and a hundred plug-ins found everywhere. There are only 15 videos in Lesbian Recruiters. This is insufficient content to warrant joining this site. If you are looking for lesbian content, shop around. There are a lot of better choices you can make than settling for an agglomerated mishmash of unrelated sites.

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