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Reviewed on 2006-10-25 by Frank




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I find the name of this site to be a real turn off. Leaking Liquids leaves me with an image of incontinent elders, or corpses oozing bodily fluids on an autopsy table. Shaking that image out of my mind the next set of imagery to pop up unbidden is the cream pie phenomenon that I can do without. I am too fastidious for that. When the tour page comes up it is a relief to see that it is a girls’ squirt site, but what an inappropriate name. A squirt is not a leak. A good squirt is a gusher but even a tiny squirt is not a leak, it is the total opposite. It is something forced out under pressure, not the dreadful drip of gravity. The site offers exclusive content and weekly updates and promises 100% real orgasms. I can accept all those claims as likely to be true but they go on to say, "At Leaking Liquids we go to counties where hardcore porn is a taboo. These girls are innocent angels who wouldn’t touch cock in a million years but are so horny they can’t resist the temptation of an orgasm." Of course it is also a bit worrisome to see a masturbation site that spells it "masterbation". In the pictures that accompany the tour I can see nothing to suggest that these girls are from countries that outlaw porn. What countries would those be? Muslim countries I would think. I just reviewed another site in this network. It is called Big Black Pimp. Its tour had nothing to do with the content on the site. I am anticipating the same here.

Once inside you land on a page that says Suck My Dick Now. Click on Our Exclusive Sites and a pop up list sites. I click on Leaking Liquids and the damn pop up stays on the screen to long obscuring my view. There are 80 movies on the site. The first on I click on is Mia. There is nothing exotic in the origins of this video. It was shot in Florida by Photo Gregg, a content supplier whose stuff is all over the web. And it looks like he shot several of the videos on this site. I recognize his grey leather couch in a lot of the videos here. Mia is a cutie with large natural breasts. She manages to get a little squirt out at the end of some vigorous rubbing. The video is not quite 8 minutes long. The next video is Olivia. This has been cut from some movie. It involves a stupid set-up in which female cop with manufactured mammaries blows a guy she is interrogating. While fucking she masturbates to a squirting climax where upon guy exclaims, O Boy you squirted.

The tour gives the impression that this is a site of solo girls masturbating. As it turns out this is a site that includes video clips that have a woman squirting at some point. Many of the movies I download are like this, couples fucking and sucking with a squirt prior to the guy cumming, as usual, mostly on the girl’s face. Vanessa is another girl with artificial breasts. She is made to squirt by her partner. Teona is a cutie with natural breasts who brings her self to two squirting orgasms before climbing onto a cock and having multiple gushing orgasms that cover the camera lens and one assumes the cameraperson. Mandy is a hot young blond with lovely breasts and a meaty pussy who ejaculated a geyser while masturbating by the pool. She then proceeds to give a demonstration of the most enthusiastic sucking and fucking imaginable before taking a load, while fish hooking her own mouth, playing with the cum and swallowing it. All the movies I watch are shown on a 320x240 pixel screen. They download extremely fast, over 500 kps.

As suspected the site has almost nothing to do with the tour. Sure there are girls who squirt here but the number who also fuck and suck with a partner far outnumber the solo girls masturbating that the tour told us we would find on the site. And why the hell talk about girls from exotic countries where hard core is forbidden? All the girls here are from the good old USA or Canada. The videos are good quality but play on small screens. The action is hot and I think more interesting then just watching solo girls jerk off. I highly doubt the content is exclusive as claimed. Membership gives you access to a bunch of other sites in their network. I do not like the fact that the members’ home page is generic and you have to search for the site you joined.

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