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Laura Loves Katrina

Reviewed on 04/03/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.6

Main: Teen
Additional: Lesbian, Euro

1 Month: $29.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
I am not quite sure what to make of this site. It supposedly features two young women Laura and Katrina and the promotional text talks about "my girl girl adventures" and "my first time with a girl". The site seems to be principally a picture site with sets featuring Laura and Katrina, Laura and Violetta, Laura and Emily, Laura and Malvina, Laura and Brooke, Katrina and Malvina. That is what I mean by it is hard to figure this site. It seems to be mainly Laura and her lovers. If Laura really loved Katrina wouldn’t Katrina be in more of the shoots with her. There is no Laura and Katrina and Malvina, for example. Even more confusing when I open the About Us link, it tells me that at first the site was "gonna be just about Katrina but we decided it would be more fun if we had more friends". The site has an Eastern European former soviet sphere look about it. I check the 2257 data. Sure enough it is Ukrainian. Now Ukrainian women are among the beauties of the world but these girls, while pretty enough, look underfed. The site says Katrina is 21 and Laura is 20 but they look younger than that. All the women here look very young and very amateur. Most of the images on the tour look too posed like bad acting.

The Home Page of the site displays all the recent updates and announces the upcoming updates. The site is updated every three days. The only girls on the site are the ones named in the tour plus Mirella. Each of the updates can be found in one of the links across the top of the page. They are Katrina and Malvina, Katrina Solo, Laura and Brooke, Laura and Emily, Laura and Katrina, Laura and Malvina, Laura and Violeta, Laura Solo, Mirella. There is also a link to "Private Message Girls". This could greatly enhance the attractiveness of the site if we can communicate with the girls. Otherwise I just don’t see the attraction of a site that essentially is nothing more than a bunch of photo shoots of the same girls with a few videos done as though the were photo shoots, more on the videos later. When I click the link to message the girls it opens a page headed. "Send a Private Message", followed by this message, "Before Laura used to model for, she used to model for While all of Laura's content is now on she still interacts with the members of through their private messaging system. Join now to get access to the private message system in order to contact Laura." Oh yeah, that’ll work, ask people to join another site costing $30 a month to be able to contact one of the girls here. Oh and you get to see more pictures and videos of the girls on this site. How cheesy! There are more than enough picture sets of these girls to satisfy me already. I am just not into these skinny young girls myself but you will be able to judge for yourself from the tour whether they are your type.

I find there is not very much content on the site so I scroll down the Home page to see if what they might offer in the way of bonus material to fill it out. At the bottom of the page is "Other Members Area Free Plug-ins." There seems to be only one, Upperclass Video. I click on it. It features one video from a site that thinks they have a spectacular new way to show porn, split screen; the action seen from two angles. If you want to see more you will have to join the site for another $30, some fee plug-in!

As I mentioned at the beginning the site is mainly a photo site. As such it is disappointing that there is no slideshow option but the pictures can be downloaded in a zip file and viewed using you computer’s own slide show software. Videos can be streamed or downloaded as DivX or MPG or WMV files. Some are available in high definition format. I found the videos boring. The girls are cute in their skinny teen way but each solo video has them doing essentially the same thing, bad acting, disrobing and touching themselves. The girl-girl videos have two girls, but the simulation of lesbian sex is pathetic.

Have a look at the promotional tour. If you love the girls’ pictures you may like the site. If you don’t, you will find it quickly becomes boring. There is not a lot of content. It is mainly a picture site for the 7 girls featured. The videos are high quality but boring. To communicate with the girls you have to join another site.

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