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Lady Sonia is an impressive site. Lady Sonia looks and sounds like an upper-class Englishwoman, which she could very well be. At 43 years old she has incredible legs and plenty of confidence, and is into sex on camera, domination, pearls and classic lingerie, and cumshots on camera. Run by Lady Sonia herself, this site is definitely one to check out if old fashioned garter belts worn with seamed sheer stockings, stiletto heels, long leather boots and silk blouses turn you on. The action is down and dirty as Lady Sonia and her friends take on black studs, construction workers and a variety of other men, and there's also some solo and girl/girl action, as well.

The member area is very well laid out and easy to use. The member menu is at the top of the page and the "What's New" section is right underneath, and really does show what's new with Lady Sonia. Below that is the latest premier video followed by the 3 latest updates - all dated and added within the last week. Then comes the most popular videos and pic sets, the other sections of the site (these used to be separate sites) and there's also a coming attraction. You'll find customer support at the top and bottom of the page.

Lady Sonia's has several video sections. The Premier Movie Library contains 107 movies, and there are 32 more in the Fetish Video Empire section. The Classic Video Library section contains 30 videos in WMV format of Lady Sonia back a few years when she was in college and still exploring her fetishes. This adds up to a total of 169 videos.

Most of the movies I watched in all the sections were shown at 800x450 with a bitrate of around 2 Mbps, sometimes a little higher and sometimes a little lower. What this means is the videos are big and high quality, and at full screen they still look good. Some of the oldest vids are shown at 400x300 but with a bitrate of 900 kbps, they still look good. The newer Premier Movie Library vids offer the most options. Members are offered the broadband videos in full movie or clips and are also offered a smaller size of video shown at 384x216 with a bitrate of around 500 kbps, but despite site claims that these are great for dialup users, they are in reality very large for dialup but perfect for those on slower broadband - people on DSL and cable connections between 384 and 786 kbps will appreciate these smaller videos.

There are several photo sections inside the site, but let's start with the Photo Archive. There are 202 pic sets in the Photo Archive section at the time of this review. These cover a wide variety of topics including interracial sex, dungeon, latex and heels, jodhpurs and riding crops, boots, pantyhose sex, action with shemales and men in bondage. The pics are offered at around 768x1024, which is large and will fill most people's monitors. They are good quality and while I wouldn't consider the photography professional, I would say it runs the gamut from good to very good amateur work. More important, the pics are shot by someone who really knows how to show off fetish clothes and how to focus on the models and the action. The photos show Lady Sonia at her best, whether dressed in dominatrix leather and boots or getting a cumshot from a well-hung black man. The pics are browsable in your choice of thumbnailed galleries or slideshows. It's too bad the pic sets aren't offered in downloadable zip files, because I'm sure a lot of people will want to save them.

For those with specialized tastes, Lady Sonia also has a couple themed pic sections - Bitchy Boss and Fetish Office, and there is also a section called The Study where each episode includes powerful erotic text with a photo set. These are very kinky and include a lot of femdom and female superior topics. One study starts out "I rendered a man helpless in public the other day". All of these stories are well-written, sexy and the pic sets are fetish themed and well shot. Good stuff!

In addition to the pic and video sections, there's a couple more features - the journal and the forum. Lady Sonia's online journal dates back over 5 years. It's updated very regularly with her sexual adventures, which are varied and numerous. These are fairly long, sensual and detailed and remind me of the stories in the Study section. Anyone who loves reading erotic stories is going to enjoy the journal. And speaking of reading the forum - while not all that busy - is interesting and Lady Sonia responds to the posts made to her. I'd say you're missing out if you join but don't visit the forum and the journal.

Lady Sonia does everything right. The star of the site is Lady Sonia, a mature British woman with a great body who's into kink and classic lingerie. Big high-quality videos are offered in full downloads make the video section a pleasure, and I'm sure that anyone into mature women or anything else inside the site will be saving these for their permanent collection. The pics are well-shot, sexy and there are plenty of sets worth visiting again and again. The site updates frequently and has lots of content, and there are also tons of sexy journal entries and a forum. Why not check out the Lady Sonia tour - if you like what you see there, you'll love what's in the member area!

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