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Kung Fu Whores

Reviewed on 03/31/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.5

Main: Asian

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

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First Impression:
Kung Fu Whores is the Adult Internet’s quaint way of saying Asian Women. I am always a little excited when I am about to review an Asian site because of the possibility that my favorite Asian model Sunny Lee might be on the site. Unfortunately for me, she is not one of the girls featured in the tour pages for the site. The downside of having a favorite is that I compare all the girls I see with Sunny Lee and I am afraid that the girls in the tour are left wanting in comparison. Most of the pictures in the tour seem to be taken from video captures and may not be showing the girls in their best light. Some of the women are certainly pretty... and I really don’t know if I am being objective, but I find none of them particularly enticing. Kaiya the Japanese girl who leads off the tour is a good example. While she is pretty enough, one hopes the video captures in the tour don’t do her justice. She looks a little better in the trailer but it is cut up and low quality. I will check her out inside. I do not see in the tour the kind of Asian woman that attracts me to Asian sites. Nautica is here and is a good example of what I mean. She is an American porn star and long ago lost the capacity to display that wonderful contradiction of innocence and lust that I associate with good Asian sites.

It seems I have joined the Perv Network. The top of the page presents all the recent Perv Network updates and there is an update every day at one or other of the sites in the network. It looks like Kung Fu Whores gets updated about once a week, or at least it has in the recent past. I head for the Kaiya shoot. There is an excellent array of viewing options: 700, 1100, 2100 kbps WMV files, 1000 kbps MPEG and 1000 kbps QuickTime. There is also a download for iPod which is becoming a more commonly occurring option. I right click on the MPEG option to download the movie. The download is a respectable 350 kb/s. Video quality is good on a 640x480 pixel screen. Kaiya is indeed pretty. The sex progresses from stripping to blowjob to fucking to eating a guy’s ejaculate off a plate. This is North American porn with an Asian woman in it.

I have the same sense of Michelle, the next girl I download. She is also a pretty girl and though she is undoubtedly of Asian heritage she comes across to me as Caucasian in manner and look. Maybe it is her flawless American English or the blond highlights in her hair but I just don’t get her as an Asian. The scene itself is cookie-cutter porn. You have seen it many times before if you are a big porn viewer like me. The next two scenes I download star Yumi. I have seen her around on the internet. She has a lovely body but her pretty face is marred by a poor complexion. She has sex with two guys in both scenes. In one she is fucked both anally and vaginally and finishes drinking cum out of a martini glass, which I seem to recall, is a signature of one the other sites in the Perv Network. Tia is the only girl that comes close to what I like about Asian women. She has the innocent look, probably because this is one of the first scenes she has done. Each of the videos also has its own photo section with good quality images in the 800x1200 pixel range, real digital images, not video captures.

Kung Fu Whores is a site featuring Asian women in North American style porn. There are 20 videos on the site, each with good quality large format photos. If you join the site because you are into Asian women presented in an Asian style you will not be happy with Kung Fu Whores. If you want to see Asian women in typical American style hard-core porn you may find the initial offering of only 20 videos is not sufficiently generous. Be prepared also for the many upsells on the site, something that is regrettably becoming too common on pay sites.

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