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Reviewed on 2010-05-19 by Basschick




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First Impression:
Here's a twist on the regular CFNM site. It's called Kobe Surprise, and it's not only CFNM (that stands for Clothed Female Naked Male) site - it's the first CFNM site I've seen that features Asian chicks. And in keeping with the niche, there's shoots featuring Japanese babes in schoolgirl uniforms, candy strippers and nurses. The girls here are mostly attractive, and some giggle as they are faced with cocks to suck. I must say I'm intrigued, so let's head off to the member area to take a closer look at what Kobe Surprise has to offer!

The member home page is pretty basic, with links running across the page, updates below. Each update is listed with a thumb and the date it was added, the most recent was added 5 months ago, even though there's a video listed in the coming next section that was never added, and there are 20 episodes total. There's a lot of ads on the page, including most of the links near the top of the page. All the episodes are listed on the member home page, and there's also a more detailed listing of the most recent episodes on the Updates page.

The Kobe Surprise videos are offered in Flash, and are streaming-only. They're shown at 640x480 at average quality, play smoothly and have good sound. There are noticeable scanlines during some of the more active parts of the video, but you get used to them pretty quickly as they don't actually interfere with being able to see the girls and the action. Since the performers are Asian, it wasn't surprising that the videos are not in English, but to keep us up to speed, they are sub-titled. I liked the videos a lot, and wished I could have downloaded some of them. The site doesn't offer pics.

Unlike a lot of CFNM sites, Kobe Surprise seems to combine the typical reality porn theme, where the girls don't actually know what they're getting into at the start of the shoots, which is unusual since in CFNM, the women are usually the aggressors. The models here are very cute, very bubbly and as I already mentioned, many giggle when faced with a cock. The episode set-ups are in Japanese, and it all seems pretty upbeat and done as - of all things - a game show. And despite the giggling, the girls really know how to suck a cock! There's plenty of stroking and fucking, too.

The site does have some issues. One is that there's a pre-checked offer (also called a cross sale) on the join page. You'll want to read it before joining to see if it's something that interests you. Next, with a total of 20 episodes the site hasn't updated for 5 months. I believe that the site's low cost trial only gives limited access to the content, and also rebills at $15 more than the cost of a regular monthly membership.

I liked the Asian girls and the CFNM action at Kobe Surprise. The videos are fun, the girls are sexy and the sex is very hot. In fact, I wished I could have saved some of the videos, but they're not offered for download. There are 20 episodes total, and the site hasn't updated in several months, which is too bad since the content is so engaging. The site is littered with ads, but it's easy enough to find the episodes since they're all listed on the member home page. The bottom line - if you want to see dressed or partly dressed Asian babes sucking and fucking naked men, Kobe Surprise definitely delivers.

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