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Knocked Up Nina

Reviewed on 12/06/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 4
Quality of content: 3
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 4
Overall: 4.5

Main: Fetish
Additional: Single model

3 Day Trial: $9.99 (recurs at $29.99)
1 Month: $19.99

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Now for something completely different for me. I have never seen a pregnant girl site. I am not a big fan of solo girl sites but this is something quite different. The first thing that occurs to me is how long is a site labeled Knocked up Nina going to be around? Do they intend to keep her knocked up? Sure I have seen lots of pregnant naked women on the net. Pregnant-women-fucking is a niche of its own, but a solo girl pregnant site is quite original. If this works it won’t be long before we see copycats. Nina tells us that ever since she got pregnant her boobs have gotten as huge as her swollen belly. Scanning quickly through the tour I must say that I really don’t see anything here that is very engaging. It looks just like all the other boring solo girl sites I have seen with pictures and videos of the same girl posing in various states of undress and at most, masturbating. Knocked up Nina doesn’t seem to be interacting with anybody else, boy or girl, judging from the site tour. I also do not get the impression from the tour that there is going to be very much content here. Those who join this site do get access to six other solo girl sites.

There are 40 picture sets and 6 videos. The pictures sets contain 100-130 photos, 683x1024 pixels. They are well lit and sharply focused. You would really have to love this girl to be interested in looking at more that a couple of photosets. 200-250 pictures of the same girl is plenty for me, I do not need 4-5000 pictures. In a number of the sets Nina wears the same outfits and just moves to another room or part of the room to give a different background. It gives me the impression that many of the sets were shot the same day. I look for a diary or an email address to see if I can find out more about her or contact her. There is nothing except for the text that accompanies the photos and that never tells us much. This is typical. "I was just playing around teasing the camera for this set, but as you can see in the end I did flash my belly and silky smooth pussy. So you like what you see?" Why ask us a question when there is no way to communicate with you?

The videos have low, med and high options. I don’t see any difference when I click the different setting. I think there is only one speed actually. Video quality is not good. A mistake was made in the encoding process and the videos are a little distorted. They are also incredibly banal. I thought I had seen it all in dumb domestic scenes in the many solo girl videos I have viewed, but watching a pregnant woman sitting on the floor changing channels of a television with a remote control tops everything. Nina never talks which is a very good indication that she doesn’t speak English. I figure this must be Russian of East European content. The videos are divided in 7 segments or you can view the full video. They stream slowly and are choppy. Bored out of my gourd, I click on the link to Massive Photo Archive. A page opens entitled "Teen/Petite Gallery Collection." There are 23 pages of pictures but there are no images, just little white boxes with a small red x in them. I click on Zenia. A page opens full of lists of sexual categories and the message "Join any of these sites for $1.00." I am actually shocked to see this. Here is a site that has next to no content. Its sister sites are similarly boring and for plug in content it offers you a page of sites you can join for a $1.00. Thank goodness for review sites like BitchMag that can warn people not to waste time and more importantly, money on sites like this one.

I generally do not like solo girls sites. They are boring. I was not expecting much from Knocked up Nina, although I was kind of intrigued by the novelty of a pregnant girl site. My very low expectations were exceeded. It looks like all the content for the site was shot in a few weeks. Nina speaks no English and there is no way to contact her. This is an incredibly serious failing in a solo girl site. Their massive photo gallery provides no additional content unless you pay an additional fee. I strongly recommend that you give this site a pass.

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