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Reviewed on 2010-03-16 by Basschick




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Today we're taking a look at a site called King Dong, where they say that hot pornstars get boned by big - no, HUGE - cocks. The chicks here are hot, with great bodies, big tits and pink pussies that are hungry for dick, and the action on the tour is campy and definitely hot. These babes take those big dicks from every angle, getting their slippery cunts stretched good. The site offers members downloadable videos, daily updates (no doubt these are network updates rather than site updates), and a collection of exclusive bonus sites. If you're ready for more, join me for a look at the member area!

The King Dong member home page is easy to use. There are a navbar and a search box at the top of the page, but this is network stuff, and we'll get to it later. Everything related to King Dong is below that. The most recent update is shown on the upper left, followed by more recent updates and a link to new all the episodes. On the right side of the page are the most popular updates followed by an ad for a cam site and another ad. The latest update date shows that the site has not updated in around 9 months, which is too bad, but let's check out the videos.

The site offers 24 videos. The downloadable version of each are offered in both a full scene, shown at 720x240 at 1.44 Mbps, and they look pretty good. Something I did notice when I went full screen is that there are black borders around the videos, so full screen isn't quite full screen. Still, I liked the clips and the full scenes - they look good, sound good and play smoothly. If you prefer not to download the videos, they can also be watched as streaming Flash clip shown at around 580x430 at pretty good quality, although the downloadable versions are a bit better. Please note that the downloadable videos are large, so although the site has fast download speeds, it still takes a while to download the vids.

Each video comes with a set of pics - over 300 pics per set. These are good quality digital stills, shown at 600x900, that show the babes and the action off very well. All the pics are well lit and professionally photographed, which I always prefer when it comes to pics as there's nothing to distract me from the action. The closeups appear to have been shot with a fisheye lens, which in the fuck shots makes both the cocks and the girls' asses look both bigger and a bit wider. Each pic set can be browsed in thumbnailed galleries or downloaded in zip files.

While most of the women here are not only pornstars, but hot as hell, and the action is down and dirty. The cocks, however, while big aren't the massive monster dicks that one might expect. They're big, but then most cocks in porn are. As already mentioned, the cameras here use fisheye lenses and camera angles to make the dicks look bigger than they are. It often works, but then there's be some video time or a few pics where they don't shoot at those angles. It's not a big deal - these guys are more endowed than average for sure, but don't expect pussies full to bursting with gigantic meat monsters.

Something you might want to know is that there are ads on the right side or bottom of a lot of the pages, and some of the ads are easy to mistake for content. Another thing is that when you join, the billing page has a pre-checked offer (called a cross sale) that you may want to read before you join.

King Dong delivers horny pornstars with banging bodies who get fucked by big cocks. The action here is hot, with plenty of penetration caught well by the cameras, and the content is good quality. The videos are downloadable, and speeds here are fast. The one catch is that this site stopped updating 9 months ago, and since it offers only 24 videos, it's a good thing members get access to 9 more exclusive porn sites in the Muffia network. The bottom line - the site is small, but the network has a lot of exclusive downloadable content to offer, so King Dong could be worth joining if you like babes and the action you see on the tour.

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