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Kelly Summer

Reviewed on 02/15/2007 by Eddie

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.5

Main: Single model

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Kelly Summer is a blond hottie from Montreal, Canada. Some time ago she discovered her body and the money and attention that goes along with this particular discovery, and together with her friend Amanda - a photographer - they decided to put that body to use. First starting out with nude art pictures and some movies, then taking the plunge into straight-up hardcore. This chick is killer looking. Hot body, long blonde hair, speaks French, aqua blue eyes - she's got it all. A couple of piercings, a few tats, and an increase in boob size have all been positives for Kelly as she seems poised on the cusp of pornstardom. Her repertoire includes lesbian action, 2 guys, anal, sybian machine skills, cum swapping, dildos, and vegetable insertions. Her site is called and we're going in for a look-see.

Members area: Real simple stuff here - everything is easy to find including the last undated update. This page is so clean and basic that there isn't really anything to describe. Everything that you'll ever need is all right out in the open. Everything is real intuitive and you'd have to be really drunk to get lost in this one.

Content: 18 videos are spread out onto 4 pages containing a minimum of 5 clips each. These have a short intro telling a little about what's going to happen in the video. Some have a full scene download option and some don't. Format choices are WMV and MPEG in two speeds. Hi speed choices are WMV at 700 kbps (480x360) and MPEG at 650 kbps (321x240). Lo-speed WMVs at 56 kbps (240x180) and 128 kbps (240x180) - plus a 350 kbps (219x160) MPEG. Quality-wise the hi speed WMVs are the way to go here because they are clear, clean and load up quick. You can enlarge them up to 200%, and go to full screen with little trouble. I'd avoid the lo speed videos because while they work relatively well, they are physically small and you'll leave nose prints on your monitor trying to watch the diminutive figures writhing in your video player.

44 picture sets are also thrown into the mix and the sets that are presented on their own without the videos are sized at 800x600. These come complete with a little paragraph describing the setting and action. They are pretty good looking pictures and appear to be done with a high degree of skill. Lights, make-up, and good poses put Kelly Summer out on top. She'd do well as a mainstream fashion, lingerie, or calendar model.

These pictures are presented as a gallery, a slideshow or as a downloadable zip file. Two problems here: one the slideshow isn't really a slideshow - with the navigation features one would expect, but really a table of thumbs that open up your picture choice. And two: the zip file might be downloadable but it sure ain't open-up-able. Windows XP says that it's a "corrupt and invalid file type".

The pictures that come with the videos are vidcaps and hover around 720x480. Not much to say about these other then that they work and are good snippets of the actual action of the video clips. Oh yeah, they are offered in thumbed table format and the zip file download thing. Sorry - once again the zip files don't work here either. Too bad.

Extra stuff: Kelly Summer has a live show but she doesn't seem to be able to make an appearance because although there is a picture of her on the page, there is no schedule. Again too bad. But to cheer you up there a couple of live show feeds that you can try out - for an additional price.

Kelly also has a diary. Let's talk about that. With 10 entries that cover June, July, and November of 2005, Kelly talks about light frolicky fun and travel adventures. Interesting on the surface, but not too much depth in revealing what Kelly is really about. Also as she seems to only speak French in her videos I'm wondering who wrote the diary entries in English. There is a link to a store which showcases some videos that Kelly has been in for sale.

Negatives: Well, lack of current updates to start, no dates on pretty much anything except the abandoned diary, zip files that don't unzip, no functioning live show, and a somewhat limited library of videos to watch as 18 videos will go by pretty quick. It seems that the site owners sort of gave up since the last activity on the site seems to be a November 2005 diary entry.

Ok, Kelly Summer is damn good looking, she knows how to fuck and suck, she likes girls, guys, dildos, and travel, and works the camera well. Her site has a smallish amount of exclusive content of working videos that showcase her talents well. Super easy and clean site layout makes this a model of efficiency. The zip files of the pictures don't work, the live shows of Kelly aren't there, and the site doesn't update anymore. Not too much of Kelly's personality is presented here. The price seems ok for 30 days but in my opinion any higher and it wouldn't be worth it for me. So if you have 30 bucks burning a hole through your credit card and like hot blonde Canadian chicks then give this one a try.

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