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Kelli Young

Reviewed on 04/03/2007 by Basschick

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.4

Main: Single model

30 Days: $28.69 (recurs at $25.69)
40 Days: $39.99 (recurs at $19.99)
51 Days: $49.69

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Kelli Young is a cute blond 18 year old with a great smile and firm, perky tits. She's the kind of girl I can't wait to see more of. Her site has a professional design but also manages to have a personal feel to it as well as sample pics and videos and a page where she tells a little about herself. So what am I waiting for? I'm off to take a close-up look at Kelli Young!

After seeing the bright and sexy tour, the member area of Kelli Young is a letdown. The latest movie updates are listed using underlit preview thumbs and are dated 5 months ago - not a good sign. Beside the update section, there are only 2 more areas - pictures and videos. Although Kelli talks to us on the tour and includes a bio, the member area has no site welcome from her, no blog, no further info about her - just pics and vids.

There are 23 videos inside Kelli Young, but in reality the vids are clips as some are 2 parts of the same video. Each can be played in an embedded player that does the job but you can also stream or download the movies by using the "DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE" link to the right side of the player.

The movies here are 640x480 but the player shows them smaller, which is why I recommend the download link. If you simply click it, the movie will open in your Media Player so you can see them at their full size. The quality of these videos is actually pretty good, but unfortunately the lighting and videography are sub-par. If you're looking for at least fairly well-lit movies, you'll want to go elsewhere. Kelli's videos are on the dark side and are more videos of photo shoots rather than videos that are shot with the focus of the model on the video camera. That means that there's less motion in most of the videos and more posing. And this is a non-nude site, so there's no pussy.

The pic section is pretty well-stocked. There are 121 photo sets, but even on the first page of listings, you may notice that a lot of the preview thumbs have the same angles and poses. Something else that annoyed me is that the titles of the sets are simply numbers like 101, rather than names like "Kelli in the bathroom". And there are no descriptions anywhere in the site. The pics are medium sized at 80x600 and are average porn quality.

As with the videos, some of the photo sets are actually only half of a shoot. Also you will start to notice many of the sets were shot in the same location - for example, the beige couch makes a number of appearances. While they are better lit than the videos, these are definitely shot by an amateur photographer, who we actually see for a second here and there in the videos.

Kelli Young herself is just shy of gorgeous and I love her tits. Her body is not slender, but not chubby, either. Her makeup isn't always totally flattering, which is just a symptom of this entire site. This sexy girl with her happy smile and great ass and breasts was shot quickly with no eye to making her or her site look good. There's no reason that there couldn't be some blog entries or a site welcome in the member area, but all the effort here was spent on the tour. Once you join, they can't be bothered to do things like lighten the video preview thumbs or name the sets.

Is there a reason to join? Well, yes - members get access to a massive collection of bonus sites that comes with a membership to Kelli Young. There are 7 more softcore non-nude sites shot by the same people of more 18 and 19 year old girls. Members also get access to almost 30 porn sites that cover most categories from milfs to ebony to gagging. There's also a DVD archive offering over 1000 scenes and the Bonus Sites section offers a collection of leased third party feeds and sites.

For those who find Kelli Young a hottie that they want to see more of, keep in mind that what I've described in this review is all there is. The member area is extremely minimal and the site doesn't update, so after you're done with the pics and videos in her site and the other softcore sites, all there is the bonus porn sites - if you wanted to learn more about Kelli or see new pics and vids of her, you're destined for disappointment. However if you like non-nude babes and want access to a large porn network, then this site may be worth a visit.

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